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 August is hotter than blazes but customers are asking retailers when fall hats are coming and, in turn, they are asking the wholesalers.  Well, dress hats are beginning to arrive with more coming at the end of the month.  The first arrivals include some elegant looks in velvet and wool felt. 

One developing trend is inspiration provided by the sixties.  This was the era that closed the necessity of hats for things as simple as going shopping.  Every woman donned a hat going to church and men didn’t leave the house without their fedora.  Hats frequented the silver screen and these images are still a hallmark for elegance.  So when headwear looks for classic inspiration, the sixties are a natural choice as we will see with some of the new arrivals for fall.


Let’s begin with velvet hats and a style that returns from last year.  The introduction of velvet dress hats in 2010 met with great success, especially the style shown that has a fairly rigid body and high crown that angles to one side.  A lavish decoration of satin ruffles and velvet loops are offset to the low side and layers of wide satin surround the crown.  A review of wholesale hats for last fall shows this dress hat was a leading seller, so it returns for a second season with an additional color of green added.  The track record indicates your customers will appreciate this headwear that is excellent as a church hat. 

Velvet also provides a soft hat for the fall season with a four-inch brim that rolls as it comes together in the front, creating two rosettes.  Here is a versatile winter hat that can match an outfit when going to work or out to eat as well as a church hat that is moderately dressy.  While not as dressy as other fall hats for church, the wide range of applications for this headwear will still have it selling well.

Wool felt also provides a moderately dressy hat using a tailored deep crown design from the sixties.  A leatherette cord wraps the crown twice forming a haphazard band while a large flower motif in wool felt decorates one side.  Like the hat above this headwear has the versatility to accessorize an outfit for work, dining out, shopping, or church wear.  The hat comes in the popular winter white color. 

Wool felt is the traditional material for fall dress hats and another new arrival uses felt to provide a classic design with lavish trim that makes an exceptional church hat.  This stunning design has a squared crown and 4 inch brim that first angles down and then turns up.  The decoration offsets to one side with coiled velvet ribbon extending from abundant satin ruffles nestled in satin leaves.  This headwear is sure to be a winner in your millinery selection, especially for women searching for church hats. 

More conservative in wool felt dress hats is a stunning pillbox that reminds of Jackie O and the sixties.  The dressy hat has a C indention that dips in the front and an exciting wool felt blossom layered on a horsehair bow decorating one side.  Three colors are available in these pillboxes that satisfy your customers that want more conservative church hats. 

Finally, polypropylene hats that shimmer with a blend of lurex provide all-season headwear in gold and silver.  The wonderful quality of these hats is they transcend seasons so there is no limit to the selling season.  Fall Dress Hats includes an untrimmed lampshade that can be decorated as well as a trimmed hat in this material.  The trimmed style has low profile with squared crown and rolled down brim.  Decoration uses the same material to create a pattern of leaves and a ribbon-like band that spirals as it spills down the brim. 

Build some early excitement in your millinery selection by including some fall dress hats and keep an eye on the website category because the next three weeks will see many more arrivals.

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