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 For many fashion businesses, summer months are far from the best of the year.  So retailers want to buy cautiously and they want to key in on products that are selling.  This blog and the next will review the areas of fashion jewelry that are doing best, based on our statistics.  That statistics have some merit because the customer base has a rather even distribution over the country and includes some international input. 



Let’s begin with formal jewelry that received good coverage earlier this month.  Sales in jewelry for bridal and special events are steady.  Rhinestone and crystal jewelry along with faux pearl for bridal continue along at a steady pace.  

This is steady items that should be part of a fashion jewelry retailer’s inventory, but it is not what we normally think of when we talk about fashion jewelry.  Actually, formal jewelry is usually a “must buy” for a special occasion.  Casual jewelry on the other hand is what we see in fashion magazines and accessorizing the models on the runways.  This fashionable jewelry accessorizes apparel with an up to date statement. 



Long swinging necklaces worn solo or in combinations continue to be stylish.  No, they didn’t just arrive on the fashion scene, but they are innovating and that is the lifeblood of a trend.  Glass beads spaced on gunmetal plated wire, fire polished faceted glass beading, faux pearl mixed with chain in multiple strands—these are all new expressions in this continuing trend. 

Multiple bracelets go along with these necklaces and again this is not shockingly new, but now we are in the heart of summer and the “Brazilian Beat” trend reported by Accessories Magazine is influencing bangles and cuffs with sizzling, vibrant colors.  Capture the look in a very summer way by using dyed shell bracelets

When it comes to shockingly new, statement necklaces definitely fit in.  Usually crafted in metal with a hand made appearance, these dramatic necklace sets may be a little too edgy for some of your customers.  But the tribal looks inspired by craftsmen from India tone down the drama for more traditional bold looks with beading that appears to be hand made relief work of local artists in exotic countries. 

Then there are the oversize cocktail rings with stretch bands.  A year ago, Accessories Magazine called this fashion jewelry the sleeper item of the year.  Sales have only gone up since then.  It is hard to say they aren’t gaudy, but you probably need them in your shop because they just keep on selling. 

All this fashion jewelry fits into the trendy category and it is moving, but it is not the cream of the crop in sales.  Far better is gemstone jewelry. 


Think back to September 11, 2001.  The Twin Towers attack shocked the world, bling came to a halt, and caring and classic dominated.  Fashion jewelry searched the world for classic art that became the new medium for design.  Among the components was gemstone, which out-survived all the others and remains high on the consumers’ list of favorites today. 

Again, innovation keeps a trend alive and these trends can span a decade or more.  Innovation has gemstone jewelry excelling over all the more recent trendy jewelry in sales.  This popularity is not only true in the statistics of our company, but a casual perusal of the showcases of upscale department stores reveals gemstone jewelry is still high in their opinion also. 

Wide polished chip collars and bracelets in amethyst, coral, or turquoise are there as well as turquoise in abundant designs.  Gemstone’s fist cousins of freshwater pearl and shell jewelry are also players. 

Our own statistics show symmetrical gemstone designs in necklaces and bracelets doing well with elongated gemstone cubes creating an eye-pleasing look in carnelian, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, crystal quartz, and numerous other semi precious stones. 

Turquoise is by far the consumers’ favorite with red coral second.  Combinations of the two are also important.  Chunky looks with nuggets or polished chips are selling as well as statement necklaces with a large medallion catching attention. 

If the public ever gets tired of turquoise, there is an endless list of semi precious stones that can provide interesting natural designs and gorgeous colors all from nature.  Agates and jaspers can keep us busy for years.  This stuff is fascinating and many semi precious stones are a geology lesson in jewelry with inclusions, banding, and a range of textures and colors.  This stuff wasn’t made over night.  The website, www.agatelady.com claims the Lake Superior agate field developed 1.2 billion years ago. 

On thing is certain—if you have an interesting display of gemstone jewelry, it will grab attention and you will have plenty to talk about with your customers. 

Next blog continues with the two categories of fashion jewelry that require the most frequent reorders by our company.

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