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With expense escalating in weddings, retailers that can help control costs in a fragile economy are much appreciated.  Last blog covered wedding jewelry and this one looks at bridal accessories that are needed, but often harder to find. 

The average cost of a wedding today is $24,066 according to www.costofwedding.com.  As a retailer, anything you do to help the wedding couple save money while maintaining the elegance is going to be appreciated by the couple.  Not to mention the help this can be for your business’s summer sales. 


Wedding gloves can be optional, but is there any accessory that adds as much elegance as this one?  They certainly elevate the formal walk down the aisle, but finding bridal gloves that are affordable can be a challenge.  Another challenge is variety so the bride can choose appropriate gloves for her taste and the gown. 

You can save the day with a selection of gloves that will usually go unmatched by competition.  Gloves can be fingerless or fingers in and come in wrist length, under the elbow (8 button), over the elbow (12 button), or opera length (16 button). 

Satin gloves are most popular and matte is second.  Satin has more sheen while matte lacks the sheen.  The gown determines which to choose. Both come in all lengths and the brides usually choose white or ivory, while colors provide matches for bridesmaid gowns. 

Lace gloves are seeing a resurgence in popularity.  Choices of color and length are also available in lace.  Actually, lace gloves dominated the bridal glove business in 1980s and slowly gave way to satin as the most popular wedding gloves.  While lace gloves are gradually regaining popularity, satin is still the clear leader.


Special designs that combine satin with open embroidery work reach the utmost in elegance.  Styles and lengths vary plus some are fingerless and others fingers in.  Fingerless can be very practical when eating wedding cake or enjoying hors d’ourves.


Bridal pictures lock in the look of the wedding day for all posterity, so the bride goes to great effort to perfect every aspect, including the hair.  Tiaras add a big boost to elegance here.  We can glance through a wedding magazine like Brides and see hair ornaments in flowers, feathers, ribbon and lace, and headbands.  But the safest and most elegant choice is tiaras. 

Rhinestone and pearl combinations make perhaps the most stunning bridal tiaras.  The wedding tiara of Princess Di captured international attention as the hallmark in wedding day elegance.  Of course, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara that she wore didn’t have any rhinestones in it, but the combination of diamonds with pearls caught on and influences wedding tiaras to this day, making rhinestone and faux pearl a leading choice of brides. 

Handcrafted tiaras with pearl beading are also a popular choice and work well with veils.  The faux pearl tiaras are shapeable so provide a comfortable fit that can be pinned to stay in place.  Depending on the dress, white or ivory are available. 

Rhinestone tiaras, especially with a low profile, add sparkling elegance for the bride’s walk down the aisle.   Like wedding day jewelry, the preferred choice is clear rhinestones in silver plated settings.  Rhinestone tiaras and headbands are the predominant hair ornaments shown in bridal magazines.  Since many brides start planning by glancing through these publications, keeping a selection of rhinestone tiaras is very important. 

Next blog will conclude the review of wedding accessories for June brides—opportunities to build summer sales while helping wedding couples that are on a budget.

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