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Accessories magazine performs a wonderful service for retailers by covering the fashion shows leading up to a season and sorting the work of designers into the major fashion stories of the season.  This blog covers the last two stories that the magazine calls “Outer Galaxy” and “Jungle Patrol”.  Fashion conscious observers may notice that the stories are innovations of trends that have been developing over the last few seasons.  Actually, trends in fashion rise and fall over an extended period—often a decade.  So some stories continue season after season with innovations.  Innovations are the lifeblood of a trend and without them a trend will die. 


Accessories Magazine describes the palette for this story as “vaporous colors” with blues and purples.  Jewelry to accessorize it uses shiny metals and plenty of synthetics like lucite and acrylics.  Transparent glass also plays a part and shapes are futuristic.  Think space age with this trend, developing beyond the geometrics that were a major player in fashion design over the lat few seasons.

Bracelets make use of shiny silver plated bangles and cuffs.  Accessorizing with necklaces also shine with the polished silver plated finish of chokers with oversized metal links or large metal beading.  Earrings take geometric shapes like squared hoops

Plastic jewelry with modernistic design shines with bright colors in collars.  Transparent glass accessorizes with beading or futuristic shapes, often with tines of blue or other ethereal hues. 


Hats as well as headbands have a metallic sheen with silver color especially popular.  Sequins are a player in delivering the shine.  The metallic statement extends to scarves as well as belts and handbags. 

Mirrored sunglasses are also big in this story with futuristic wrap arounds, metal frames, and goggle shapes.  The story appeals to a younger shoppers, but the next major trend we cover has universal appeal.


The final fashion story is a real turn around from the futuristic trend.  Colors and prints reflect the terrain of the earth with olive greens and palm colors as well as sand and hues of brown.  Camouflage is part of the story as well as prints with animals, leaves, and reptile motifs.  Burnished platings replace shiny metals in jewelry.  The hand worked look of hammered and distressed metals adds a rugged flair. 

Nature is a big part of fashion jewelry accessorizing this story.  Gemstone has been uptrending for a number of seasons.  Imagine the impact gemstone jewelry can have with this trend!   What color could be more appropriate than the mottled olive and rose of Unakite jewelry!  Then there are all the wonderful hues of brown from tiger’s eye and brown agate to the sand-like hues or picture jasper and rutilated quartz.  Gemstone jewelry accessorizes the “Jungle Patrol” look in a most appropriate way while giving consumers intriguing designs that only nature can produce.  Nature provides the colors in hues of green and brown to match the story and eye-catching jewelry in bracelets, earrings, and necklace sets use gemstones in these colors for accessories your customers can’t resist. 


Woods also provide accessories from nature that coordinate well with the safari trend.  Bracelets are especially popular, but wood chokers mix beads in different natural shades to create a rustic design that fits right in with this trend. 

This season shell jewelry is back in a big way.  Brown lip mother-of-pearl stands out as necklace sets, especially with big disk pendants that really display the natural beauty of the sea.  The same shell is fabulous in multi-strand bracelets to go with the story. 

The safari trend is a favorite with consumers and continues to develop season after season.  The forecast of fall trends are already out and this story that centers on nature is back with innovations that reinvent it.

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