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Accessories Magazine gives retailers a huge jump on preparing for upcoming seasons with forecasting that captures the main trend lines, sorting them into stories.  Retailers cannot only use the information for purchases of jewelry, accessories, and apparel, but they can also group accessories into stories in their shop for greater impact.  Last blog covered “Brazilian Beat” and this blog starts with “She’s a Lady”, a very feminine look in fashion that extends to jewelry and accessories. 

Apparel for this look uses soft colors, ruffles, and netting, as well as ribbon and embroidered trims.  The look is very feminine, focusing on the neck and shoulders. 


Strapless dresses and scoop necklines are part of the story, making chokers and long dangling earrings ideal accessories.  Tailored looks in mother of pearl use inlays to create bracelets, earrings, pendants, and chokers.  A classic style is mother of pearl framed pendants on chokers for a sophisticated tailored look perfect with career wear.   Other shells, such as abalone or paua create more designs in pendants with natural beauty from the sea.


Longer necklaces coordinate the story with the white iridescence of mother of pearl in designs with shell donuts spaced in multiple layers of chain.  Other styles use large mother of pearl pendants dropping from multiple strands of shell to create today’s statement necklaces with the creamy white color. 


Jewelry also uses metals in filigree designs that capture the lacy look to accessorize the story.  Long dangling earrings  fit nicely into this category with a frilly statement that is very feminine. 

Pearl and crystal ropes accessorize this story nicely and pearl chokers bring attention to the neck.  The meandering faux pearl necklace pictured offers silver or gold plated settings, which present very different looks.  “That’s a Lady” is a developing story, building on trends from the past few seasons.  As long as trends have innovation, they have possibilities for growth. 


Accessories Magazine pinpoints another fashion story that is a predominant theme for summer jewelry and accessories this year—a theme they call “Country Roads”.  As you would expect, this is a blend of rural looks and The Wild West.  Leathers from tooled to suede are big here and all the shades of brown that go with leather.  Denim is also important from faded to that new jeans color, as well as gingham prints. 


No doubt, turquoise jewelry will be big with this theme that includes some Southwest inspiration.  Visit some upscale department stores and look at their showcases.  I visited Dillards and Macy’s and they’re showing plenty of turquoise along with red coral again.  They certainly have confidence that turquoise sells again this summer. 

Jewelry with darker platings are trendy with this fashion story—multiple long burnished chains, or pewter and brass combinations.  Shown is a large disk necklace with faux turquoise beading and antiqued bronze plated pendant. 


Jewelry with themes that are western or rural easily fit into this story.  The choker shown is silver plated with a herd of horses.  Imagine this set with an outfit that combines buckskin brown with faded denim. The theme pendant selection of the site offers numerous possibilities in western and rural slides that coordinate naturally with “Country Roads”. 

Scarves in long cotton oblongs, gingham patterns, or prints that fit into the country theme like horses or rope designs can bring this summer’s trend to an outfit.  


Handbags in denim as well as leather coordinate with this theme.  Faux leathers provide the look at a fraction of the price extending from bags with embossed grain to suede and tooled leather looks. 

Southwestern has been a part of fashion for so long that it seems timeless.  The same can be said for denim.   When we weigh that with this season’s trend stories, “Country Roads” has to be a dominant force in summer fashion trends because it is a look consumers don’t want to turn loose.

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