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 Each year Accessories Magazine follows the runways for the upcoming season, taking several hundred pictures, and sorting the results into the main stories that reveal the trends for the season.  Small retailers do not have the resources of large corporations that can hire expensive forecasting services that keep them up-to-date on what is coming in fashion.  So we can be thankful for Accessories Magazine that provides a wonderful service that helps retailers prepare for each season. 

This blog and the two following will cover the five stories that are predominant in the upcoming looks for jewelry, accessories, and apparel this spring and summer.  The first has the title, “Brazilian Beat” and as you would expect, the colors are vibrant.  The bright colors on the summer palette that was covered in the last two blogs are in the Brazilian story—coral rose, regatta, honeysuckle, as well as some colors that were not there like vibrant yellow. 

How are you going to accessorize these vibrant colors that jump out at you?  There are different options to suit different personalities.   The outgoing personality may want to make the most of the Brazilian look by accessorizing a vibrant blue with strands of blue beading or use a complimentary color scheme like graduated beads in coral rose.  I visited Macy’s in Lafayette, La. and they had two showcases in bold and vibrant colored jewelry that will certainly grab customers’ attention and play to this theme.  Retailers can find bright colors in necklace sets on Accessory Wholesale Inc’s site under Fashion Jewelry Sets.    

Jewelry in sea life themes are also big with this fashion story, especially multicolor necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Another theme in jewelry very hot this spring is garden themes with flower blossoms, butterflies, hummingbirds, and ladybugs.  In fact, the garden theme goes beyond the Brazilian fashion story to become an important jewelry theme that permeates every story in summer trends. 

The festive colors invite fun jewelry to accessorize the story.  One exciting innovation for summer is charm earrings with tiny bright colored charms dangling on delicate chain for trapeze-style earrings that capture a number of themes.  Several of the themes in these earrings are perfect for accessorizing the Brazilian look.

Personalities that are more conservative will want fashion jewelry that tones down the color.  Plated fashion jewelry is one way to subdue the bright color.  Multiple ropes with plated chain, metal link necklace sets, thin metal bangles, or graduated plated beading can do the trick. 

This season will also see endless designs using faceted glass pendants on chains.  Faceted glass jewelry that compliments the apparel takes some edge off of the bright colors.  Also turquoise is the color of the year, so multiple strands of turquoise with strands of beading in neutral colors will go with many hues in the Brazilian story and at the same time tone down the shock of vibrant color. 

Another way to capture the fashion story for spring 2011 in a more conservative way is to let the accessories do the work.  The jewelry, handbags, hats, and shoes can deliver the Brazilian color with neutrals or earth tones that can already be hanging in the closet from last year.  This updates a wardrobe, making it right in style for this summer while saving the price of new apparel. 

While not for everyone, vibrant color of the Brazilian story adds excitement that wakes up fashion after a cold winter.  Adding some bright color plus sea life and garden themes will have customers thinking summer when they shop with you.

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