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Apparel and accessories appear in stores at the dawn of every season with predominant colors that define that season.  This takes place almost magically from coast to coast.  Who determines these colors and how do they populate the stores all at the same time?  Well each designer works with a palette of colors and they are not all the same.   Pantone, a leader in color analysis, studies the runways for the upcoming season and creates a palette with the leading colors.  This is a huge help for retailers, preparing for an upcoming season. 

Part I covered beeswax, a honey-like hue of yellow, which complimented regatta, a bright blue lighter that royal and a little deeper than turquoise.  There is another warm color in this season’s palette that is close to beeswax on the color wheel–coral rose.  This is a rich orange close to tangerine and compliments regatta much like beeswax.  A complimentary color scheme pairs opposites on the color wheel and coral rose is nearly opposite regatta. 

People instinctively coordinate accessories with apparel when they have the same color in different shades.  Color experts call this an analogous color scheme that combines a color with adjacent colors on the wheel.  We are in prom season right now and prom girls will be searching for accessories for their gowns.  An evening bag shows the coral rose color, which we can imagine accessorizing adjacent colors like orange and peach or complimenting hues of blue like regatta.

Before we continue with the colors, let’s talk about a helpful tool for coordinating the colors, the color wheel pro.  If coordinating is important to your fashion business, you may want to make a small investment into this tool.  Spin the color wheel to any color and it will show the complimenting color on the opposite side. An analogous color scheme offers another alternative.   Pairing with colors adjacent to the chosen shade creates analogous coordination.  A third possibility is a triadic color scheme that divides the color wheel into a pie with three equal pieces.  This scheme says Color Wheel Pro, “is not as contrasting as the complementary scheme, but it looks more balanced and harmonious”. 

Returning to the Pantone palette, another blue, very close to turquoise, is Blue Curacao. In fact, it is so close to turquoise that we used turquoise earrings as an example of the hue.  This color can combine with the same two warm colors that complimented regatta.  Curacao is actually an island in the Caribbean so the implication is this is a Caribbean color.

Close to the family of blues is lavender, a romantic color.  Pantone suggest pairing with beeswax or coral rose for unique results.  An amethyst bracelet displays the color here.  This gemstone, once reserved for royalty, is popping up in the showcases of boutiques and upscale department stores. Expect to see plenty of amethyst this summer.  It is a gorgeous way to display lavender color plus the gemstone jewelry formed by nature is perceived to have intrinsic value. 

The neutral color in the palette is silver cloud, a soft grey that accessorizes easily.  Grey has been popular in recent seasons and seems to be a fashion favorite to continue, at least for the near future.  Pictured is a scarf in the color that can tone down some of the vivid colors of the palette while accessorizing them. 

The remaining two colors, Pantone describes as nude hues.  The color, a little darker than champagne made a big splash in 2009 and has been with us since.  The first is silver peony, which has a slight pinkish cast.  The necklace set shown with swirling hues captures the color.

The introduction of the color in 2009 presented it in the near champagne tone as mentioned.  Since then the color has expanded to include a range of skin tones and Pantone includes russet in the category this season—a color with a light brown hue.  A crystal bracelet demonstrates the color. 

Jewelry and accessories can bring the season’s palette to solid colors and neutrals, which often updates last year’s wardrobes with this season’s colors.  Also, when apparel uses the season’s palette, accessories and jewelry can coordinate with hues in adjacent colors or a complimentary color, so the range of tones in jewelry can be very wide. 

Helping customers make striking combinations with jewelry and accessories will build the stature of your shop and clientele returning.

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