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 Is any time more special for a teen girl than prom night?  This is that special time in high school that only comes once and every prom girl wants it to be perfect.  It’s the local retailer—the small businesses in the area that most girls depend on to get the look that is just right.  The first blog on prom covered most of the jewelry needed to accessorize the gown.  This blog begins with ornamentation for the hair. 



Of course, the prom queen and court are going to need tiaras.  After bridal and pageant, the largest demand for tiaras is prom.  Most popular are rhinestone tiaras with clear stones in silver plated settings and a height of 2 ½ inches or more is preferred for the queen.  More tiaras are needed for the court and these have a lower height than the queen’s tiara. 

Tiaras and rhinestone hair ornaments don’t end there.  Many prom girls incorporate small tiaras, rhinestone headbands, combs, and barrettes into their hairstyles for the special night.  If you see the look on a popular celebrity, you can be sure girls will be looking for the accessories for prom night. 


Evening bags are the accessory every prom girl needs.  Watching the red carpet in events like The Oscars, it becomes obvious that the most popular evening bag in 2011 is the evening clutch.  Leatherette with the patent leather look or croc and snakeskin prints are trendy in 2011.  Clutches that are more traditional include satin in a variety of designs from elegant simplicity to beaded flaps.  Sizes also vary and evening clutches provide plenty of color for matching gowns. 


Another category includes prom and bridal bags because prom girls are attracted to certain styles.  Under prom bags are smaller bags, wristlets, soft satin bags with an ultra-feminine look, and bags that have wide selections of colors used in gowns.  The same bags are ideal for bridesmaids so they share the same category. 


Color matching is also important for formal gloves.  The word prom is short for promenade, which is a formal dance for high school students.  Originally, formal gloves were a must, but today some areas use the gloves and others don’t.  Finding them in the right colors and lengths is a problem.  The selection on the site solves that problem.  Most popular for prom are opera length and over the elbow gloves.  Satin gloves provide more sheen and matte has a flatter appearance.  Prom season also overlaps with a peak in bridal so your glove inventory also fills needs for bridesmaid gloves. 


Recent years have seen a rise in masquerade proms.  Some have the students purchase their own masks and others use masks purchased in bulk by the school.  The most popular mask for girls is a foil colored mask on a stick, MM14.  

These masquerade masks are inexpensive yet attractive, making a great option when there is a need for quantities.  MM13 is a simple paper mache eye mask that is painted and is also inexpensive, making an ideal mask for boys.  When students buy their own masks, special designs like Venetian style masks are in demand.  If your local high school does a masquerade prom with students supplying their own masks, you want to stock a nice selection of Venetian style masks because they are not easy to find.  This practically guarantees brisk business for you. 

Now is the time to stock a selection of jewelry and accessories for prom because this major event will take place all over the country from March to April.   Once students realize that this is your specialty, you will have a boost in business every spring.  And you don’t have to worry about sell through because bridal and pageant are happening at the same time.

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