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We’re at a time of the year when retailers are ready for some excitement in business.  As the Christmas season ended, an arctic blast covered most of the country and a blanket of snow had shoppers staying home.  Enough of that!  Days are getting longer, nature is turning green, arrival of spring is coming as regular as clock work, and that means prom is coming and retailers will get a huge lift. 


How important is prom? Well these figures are a little dated, but if anything, they are going up and not going down.  DeBora Rachelle reports that teens spent over 100 billion in 2005 with 4 billion of it going to prom.  Prom dresses account for $200 to $300 for 84% of teen girls and accessories for prom ranged from $50 to $200.  That’s enough to get fashion retailers excited.

Now for small business!  While the big box stores often overwhelm small business, the story changes for prom.  Small business zeros in on local needs.  They know exactly what prom girls are looking for in their area and the girls know the businesses that are savvy on the latest designs.  This is huge for local businesses from florists to accessory stores and formal wear.   Prom girl often like the reassurance of an expert when choosing the right dress and accessories to match.  The experienced local business that specializes in prom dresses or accessories is that most trusted advisor and they are the ones that get the business. 

Everything must be perfect for prom because this is the once in a lifetime celebration for a high school girl.  The life long importance of prom pictures will be second only to bridal pictures so getting it right is absolutely necessary. 

Prom dresses are all over the board.  Prom has no set palette of colors like the pantone fashion color chart provided for fashion each season.  Dresses come in nearly any color and often combination of colors.  Hemlines and necklines also run the gamut, so matching jewelry is a challenge that takes creativity and good taste. 


Begin the selection of prom jewelry with delicate rhinestone necklace sets.  This is timeless in prom jewelry.  Simple rhinestone sets in V shapes, Y shapes, or rhinestones spaced on wire have the simplicity to appeal to prom girls. Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are the run away best sellers.  Delicate vining sets with small flower blossoms in rhinestone are also excellent and colored rhinestones in these sets often provide highlights to match the gown. 


In recent years, many prom girls have shown a preference for dramatic earrings in place of necklace sets.  Sometimes the dress dictates this because of ornamentation or the neckline.  When the jewelry is only earrings, prom girls often go for dramatic size.  Long multiple rows of clear rhinestones are classic enough to always work.  Other designs fan out as they drop for greater impact. 

Find sparkling earrings on our site under two different categories—crystal jewelry and rhinestone jewelry.  Jewelry made with rhinestone chain is under rhinestone jewelry.  Rhinestone chain is machine made with continuous chain of rhinestone delivered with the stones already set.  This chain is cut by the designers to fabricate the jewelry pieces.  The machine was invented in the mid-1940s so all rhinestone jewelry before that is what we classify crystal jewelry today. 


Crystal jewelry consists of handset or hand strung crystals.  The stones are glued or prong set.  Crystal chandeliers are one popular style of crystal earrings that make the kind of dramatic statement prom girls are looking for.  Chandeliers have plenty of sparkle with so many dangling crystals that shimmer with every movement, plus colors are available for girls that want to match the color of the gown. 

Actually, several crystal earrings offer color as well as variety of design.  Sizes range from dramatic to delicate with every imaginable design in posts and dangles.  Put together a nice variety of crystal earrings along with rhinestone earrings to satisfy all the personalities that are going to be shopping.  You don’t need depth, but variety because you know that prom girls don’t want to see someone else wearing their earrings. 

Finally, include some rhinestone and crystal bracelets.  Bracelets are certainly in style with plenty of coverage in fashion magazines and on the runways.  Bangles and cuffs are best in all widths and the girls can wear several together.  Rhinestone bracelets have several widths from single row rhinestone bracelets up to 10 rows with a 1 ¼ inch width.  Bangles come in gold or silver plating as well as colors with crystals embedded all the way around.  Crystal’s bracelets range from trendy looks with crystals spaced on multiple rows of coated piano wire that teens like to classic Art Deco designs as well as glamour with floral patterns inspired by The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry.  Every personality can find something they like in bracelets. 

Next blog will continue with prom accessories and some new innovations in prom that might surprise you.

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