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 The last blog introduced a fashion jewelry line of superb quality that mainly centered on pendants and earrings—a line that poured oodles of creativity into extraordinary designs that fell into theme or fashion categories.  The manufacturer, “Best Brand”, goes through painstaking processes with each piece to produce fashion jewelry destined to be the future collector items in jewelry. 


Before we begin coverage of fashion pendants, click on theme pendants, which the last blog covered, and browse through a few pages for a lesson in creative design.  One theme pendant can be wonderfully simple while another has extensive detail that engages the imagination.  More amazing, nearly every pendant has matching earrings, which you can locate easily by changing the letters “PD” to “FS” before the number and putting the code in the search on the site. 

Now for fashion pendants!  To me, creating a line of fashion pendants requires even more creativity than theme jewelry. The designer works mainly with shapes, textures,  and platings with an occasional addition of shell, gemstones, inlays, or epoxy highlights.  Creating a few gorgeous pendants is hard enough, but putting together an entire line with new addition constantly being added—Now that’s a challenge!

Do it right and the pendant added to a choker creates a classic tailored look that is timeless.  How stunning this looks with a woman’s business suit or a nice dress for church or work.  Even when fashion jewelry becomes lukewarm because of changing trends, the tailored look remains popular. 


Glancing through the fashion pendant line will have you wondering—how do they create so many designs?  Maybe they don’t sleep at night because there are even more pendant designs in other categories.  Gemstone pendants offer some extraordinary pendants using amethyst, carnelian, tiger’s eye, and Unakite.  Returning to the fashion pendant category, the variety can’t fail to amaze.  Animal print suspended in glass rests in a plated frame for a classy accessory that compliments animal prints or becomes the whole story by adding the animal print jewelry to an ensemble of solid colors.     

A glass prism wrapped with an orbit of silver plated wire sends the imagination back to the mid-century moderns jewelry era.  Other pendants use metals in different shapes, platings, and textures to please younger shoppers with a variety of geometrics.  Inlays contrast metals with Formica and other components that add opaque color. 

Epoxy brings a whole new element of color to the pendant line, often providing the appearance of framed gemstones.  One especially attractive pendant uses epoxy to create a Zuni Indian inspiration.  The pendant ahs a large disk filled with epoxy color in tiny raised bezels, creating an interpretation of the tedious needlepoint stonework of the Zunis. 

Still other pendants use filigree and scrollwork in lockets or puffy designs for tailored jewelry that is vintage inspired.  This is a look in jewelry that is always dignified and always stylish.  The cultures and eras covered in the fashion pendant line boggles the mind. 

Certainly not for every retailer, but some fashion businesses find an excellent niche in this line that provides a steady flow of sales.  Most pieces have a timeless quality that never goes out of style, providing an inventory of striking fashion jewelry year after year.  In addition, the manufacturer never rests.  A parade of surprises grabs customers’ attention with the introduction of new designs.  If you are uncertain about this pendant and earring line, begin by nibbling at the edges. 

First, add some chokers that are a needed basic.  Then add some gemstone pendants that have universal appeal.  Search for theme pendants that match local interests and add some for special occasions like Mother’s Day.  Then let the line grow from there  What amazes us is this fashion jewelry line doesn’t make a big splash, but it requires constant reorder because there’s a steady flow of sales occurring below the radar.

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