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 Do you ever feel beat up by the big box stores and high-financed competition?  Well, here’s an idea worth considering that is like that pink bunny that keeps going and going and going—an exceptional line of pendants and matching earrings.  It not only quietly keeps selling, but it’s something the big box stores don’t have.

What made me think of this?  It’s a stable item in our wholesale business and has been for over 15 years, so it isn’t something that we think of as new and exciting.  But it is something that we need to reorder frequently and something that always ranks with the top selling jewelry at the end of the year.  It is a bread and butter item that we just reordered again and that prompted the question—why haven’t I written a blog and told you about it? 

So, here goes.  The line includes fashion and theme pendants that, for the most part, have matching earrings.  Also a wide selection of chokers lets your customers create their own looks by changing up the pendants and chokers.  We’ll start with the chokers.  You may need these steady items in your jewelry business, even if you don’t carry the pendant and earring line.   How many manufacturers are making pendants, but overlooked the chokers needed to wear them?


With nearly 60 styles in chokers to select from, there is something for almost every imaginable look.  Many come in both silver and gold plating and several have shapes formed to the neck for a natural fit.  V shapes and question marks are popular designs and for customers that want longer necklaces to go with the pendants, there is a line of chains.

The chokers can be bold, only accepting pendants with large bails or worn without a pendant for a tailored statement.  Narrower chokers are flat wire with plated surfaces that have a high polish or they can be round wire or tubing in different diameters, Surfaces can also be textured and plating can be antiqued.  The wide assortment of shapes and finishes results in a variety of looks that combine with different pendants so your customers can have fresh designs for different outfits with a few chokers and pendants that combine for very different looks.  Base metal for the choker line is steel or brass, so they are shapeable for a natural fit. 


Now for the pendants.  There are two main categories—fashion pendants and theme pendants—but this pendant line also show up in nearly  every other category of jewelry on the site including gemstone, Mardi Gras, Christmas, sports, seasonal, and inspirational.  

Beginning with the theme pendants, if you make a list of themes that will be popular for your customer base and then use the search on the site to find pendants that fit into the themes, the surprise will be that most of them will find a match in this extensive line. 

Not only will you match the theme, but also the creativity and detail that go into the fashion jewelry will astound you. 

The designs as well as craftsmanship are what make this line so special.  The manufacturer has spent decades perfecting the process and each piece is stamped with “Best” for the manufacturer, “Best Brand” that takes pride in delivering fashion jewelry in the highest quality.  These are the collector pieces of future generations.   

What is so special about the artisanship?  Imagine this!  Each piece starts with a thin sheet of steel.  The manufacturer makes a costly mold for each design.  Then a stamping process presses each piece into a three dimensionally raised design with detail that is overwhelming.  Another piece of thin steel seals the backs and the fashion jewelry are plated, recesses are often antiqued, and the final step is a high polish. 

Sterling silver uses the  process for items like puffy heart jewelry and the Victorian era created quality pieces with the procedure, but who goes to such toilsome steps to create fashion jewelry today?  No one I know of except this one manufacturer that has made the process his trademark of excellence. 

Why are themes so important in fashion jewelry?  Everyone that has years of experience in retailing fashion jewelry knows that the industry experiences ups and downs—sometimes extremely hot and other times sales are rather cool.  But themes transcend these ups and downs.  Themes draw a customer because of something dear to their heart.  They also draw as gifts because they are the perfect match for the interests or cares of the one that is receiving the gift.  It is not the trends or styles that sell this fashion jewelry, but the exceptional design

The next blog will continue with the fabulous pendant and earring line produced by “Best Brand”, a quality leader in fashion jewelry.

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