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We are in the middle of February and most of the country has snow or frigid weather.  None of that stops the shops stocking spring hats.  Their customers are waiting for the latest styles in Easter hats and derby hats, not to mention the women that want church hats for every Sunday.  Well, Spring hats are in—more gorgeous than ever—and shops aren’t wasting any time scooping them up. 

Every spring milliners deliver new breath-taking designs and you wonder—how can they top this?  Well, ever season somehow they do and they did again this year.  Browse through this springs selection of ladies dress hats and judge for yourself. 


Organza hats are back with their light and airy summer look and feel—mostly wide brims, but a few smaller conservative designs are in this category.  Organza is a sheer fabric with a luxurious appearance.   It has sheen much like silk and is lightweight, so ideal for spring.  Organza hats have lower price points than sinamay, polypropylene, or satin braid, yet provide a rich and summery appearance that attracts customers. 

This season there are exceptional wide brim designs in organza hats.  Widebrims along with ruffle trims make organzas irresistible.  Brims angle down or roll down like the lampshade hats of the sixties. 


Sinamay hats also hit the target for high demand in spring.  All those hat pictures after the Kentucky Derby show plenty of sinamays.  Actually, Queen Elizabeth attended the Kentucky Derby in 2007 wearing a sinamay hat.  She chose sinamays matching suits for most of her appearances in the trip to America.    


One sassy looking style in sinamay hats is the cavalier.  Cavaliers have one side flipped up with the other down and decoration offset to one side.  The hat style first appeared around 1920 when the novel, The Three Musketeers, came out.  Since then, milliners have continually reinvented the dress hat that never goes out of style. 

Perhaps the dressiest of all spring hats is satin braids.  These ladies dress hats have narrow bands of satin continually sewn to create lavish styles in headwear.  The hats retain the satin sheen and large decorations make this headwear the utmost in ladies dress hats.


Satin braids involve more labor and carry higher price tags that the other dress hats, but anyone familiar with this style of headwear will recognize this springs selection as bargains.  Dramatic designs often have high crowns, rolled down brims, and extravagant decorations.   


Polypropylene hats are still coming in, so a future blog will cover these dress hats that provide a Milan straw look as well as more casual wide brims that are a big hit on derby day.  These are the hats drawing attention as they grace the runways.

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