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 The familiar colors of Mardi Gras–purple, gold, and green–show up every Carnival season in every kind of Mardi Gras item, but this year they are making a big hit in Mardi Gras masks

Many are already familiar with the vibrant color of Mardi Gras feather masks, especially the marabou masks with a full fluff of feathers brilliantly displaying purple, green, and yellow for gold.  These masks are still extremely important for gift shops and event planners because they offer such a bargain for a fabulous look.  Shops that stock these masks by the dozen, can sell them under $4.95 and be very profitable. 

The most popular feather mask remains a sequin mask mounted on a stick with a spray of ostrich and coque feathers on one side (VM81).  Year in and year out, this remains the number one Mardi Gras mask.  The second most popular is VM82, the same masks with elastic strings instead of a stick.  Especially the mask on a stick is extremely popular with florist because adding them to an arrangement makes easy Mardi Gras centerpieces.


Shops that need very inexpensive Mardi Gras masks for impulse items have a great option in the masquerade masks, MM10.  These eye masks come in three solid colors (purple, gold, and green) and the colors come evenly divided in a pack for shops buying by the dozen. 

Venetian masks have been rising in popularity over the last few years and design haven’t ignored Mardi Gras, perhaps the biggest masked event of the year.  One of the first Mardi Gras Venetian masks is the full-face joker mask.  Everybody recognizes this face that appears in every deck of cards.  Actually, inspiration for this character is the crafty servant, Arlecchino, from the Italian comedy that finds its roots in the Renaissance. 

The joker masks are made with paper mache’ like the artisans of Venice use in mask making.  It fits the face and also makes a great wall hanging.  Bargain priced, the joker mask needs to be in your selection of Mardi Gras items because it makes such a great souvenir to take home.  

Its Venetian style masks that provide the fabulous new designs this season.  Purple, gold, and green return in an exciting way to masks.  Sparkly color creates diamond-shape patterns in masks on a stick.  For centuries, this pattern has been tied to the Commedia dell’arte, the Italian Comedy.  The diamond-pattern represents patchwork clothing of the poor servant, Arlecchino.  Dyed marabou and ostrich feathers top the mask in Mardi Gras colors. 

Another popular pattern introduced in Venetian style masks this season is tiger stripe.  Again, purple, gold, and green form the pattern that is anew artist’s conception this season.  One eye-catching design has an eye mask that spikes up on one side in a flame-like design with dyed ostrich and marabou feathers adhering to the same side. 

Mardi Gras masks are grabbing customers’ attention this season with innovation.  There is still nearly a month left before Fat Tuesday so stock your shop now and get ready for the revelers.

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