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The traditions and history that Mardi Gras has accumulated in America over the last 175 years fills books.  Mardi Gras jewelry can’t match that, but five unique charm bracelets with special design tell individual stories about elements of the Carnival celebration.  

First, the stretch bracelets use faceted lucite beads in purple, green, and gold.  These are the Mardi Gras colors with purple representing justice, green faith, and gold power.  What sets these bracelets apart are charms uniquely created to give the wearer a piece of the Mardi Gras tradition. 


The Mardi Gras parade is the theme of the bracelet, CB384.  Four three-dimensional charms depict different parade floats with another charm showing a horseback captain. The floats are silver plated and highlighted with enamel in the Mardi Gras colors.   A walking parade participant accompanies the floats with other familiar Mardi Gras themes added to the dangling charms. 


Another Mardi Gras bracelet (CB387) celebrates some uniquely New Orleans traditions including Second Lining, Zulu, and the Mardi Gras Indians.  One charm shows a typical Zulu rider with feather headdress.  Zulu is the first parade on Mardi Gras morning, positioned ahead of Rex. Five other charms show members of a second line including one dancing with an umbrella and four different musicians with Jazz instruments.  Second lining became a tradition that started with parade spectators falling in behind the parade after it passed and dancing in celebration.  Some may remember Tom Benson, owner of the Saints, dancing on the field after a game with his second line umbrella.  Two other charms depict Mardi Gras Indians, a tradition beginning in African American neighborhoods with walking participants wearing elaborately outfitted Indian costumes that they spent an entire year making with feathers, beading, and other exotic components.  This bracelet finds roots in traditions that are uniquely New Orleans. 


The parades of Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans are the subject of a third charm bracelet (CB389).  On Mardi Gras Day, the first parade to roll is Zulu.  Zulu began in 1909 as a black parade that was a spoof of Rex.  The first king wore a lard can for a crown and carried a banana stalk as scepter.  The bracelet has a charm of a typical Zulu rider with wild feather headdress and a white circle around the eye and mouth, distinctively Zulu. 

The next parade is Rex and the bracelet (CB388) has a king’s float, crown, court jester, band members, and Boeuf, the white bull that symbolizes the last meat before Lent begins.  Before 1909, a live bull rode in the Rex parade, but today a large white bull in fiberglass takes its place.  These Mardi Gras bracelets give anyone that attends parades in downtown New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day something to take home as a lifetime memento.     

Masks and Mardi Gras have a close connection that goes back to the very beginning of Carnival.  The abuse of masking for promiscuous and rowdy behavior brought about the dates of the Carnival season.  The Church limited public masking to a period between The Feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6th) and Mardi Gras Day (the day before Ash Wednesday).  Even before parades in New Orleans, Carnival Balls called bals masques were held in the City. Today A New Orleans law requires that all riders mask and the crowds of revelers don costumes and masks.  So the next specially designed charm bracelet (celebrates the masks of Carnival.   Epoxied charms broadcast the theme in a colorful way with three full-face masks and three feather masks.  A jester, two walking parade participants, and Boeuf, the while bull from the Rex parade accompany the mask charms.  This Mardi Gras bracelet lets your customers take home a wealth of Mardi Gras tradition that will be memories for a lifetime. 


Finally, we have a Mardi Gras bracelet (CB619) with many of the popular themes of the Carnival season.  This is Mardi Gras jewelry that is at home wherever Mardi Gras is celebrated.  Silver plated charms have highlights of jewel tone epoxy in purple, gold, and green and faceted beading matches with the same three colors.  Charms include jesters, masks, and a crown over block letters spelling Mardi Gras.  These are three most popular themes in Mardi Gras jewelry.  Add a reveler second lining and you have bracelets that are obviously for the Carnival season.  Wherever the celebration takes place, this jewelry fits in so shops and event planners can include these wholesale Mardi Gras bracelets and customers can enjoy the spirit. 

The rich tradition and history of Mardi Gras come alive in the charms of these Mardi Gras bracelets that have special design that tells the story in jewelry.   Best of all, these Mardi Gras bracelets have price points that let everyone enjoy the story of Carnival.

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