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Everyone knows Mardi Gras beads are a big part of the celebration in Carnival season, but less known is the rise of feather boas for Mardi Gras as well as other parties and gatherings. 

When feather boas came on the scene is uncertain, but the Wikipedia says their history goes back to the 1820s and could go back even further.   The popularity of feather boas has been a rollercoaster ride throughout history peaking at the turn of the century, in the 1970s, and returning in our present day. 

Different quality and uses result from using different feathers.  Ostrich provides a more expensive boa that can be fun item, but also crosses the line as a fashion statement.  The most popular boas today are marabou and chandelle.  Marabou has the even fur look while chandelle uses turkey flats for a more uneven fuller appearance. 

 Feather boas are normally 6 feet long and the weight in grams determines the fullness.  Chandelle boas have a nice fullness at 55 grams.  The wholesale boas featured by Accessory Wholesale are chandelles with a 55 gram weight.  Tri-tone boas made up of purple, yellow, and green feathers are becoming a must-have item for gift shops catering to Mardi Gras, but boas today have a year-round appeal that goes far beyond Carnival season. 

Wherever a festive spirit abounds, boas can be part of the celebration.  They pop up at birthday parties, bachelorette parties, Sweet Sixteens, and Quinceaneras.  Groups participating in breast cancer awareness walks like to distinguish themselves with pink boas and fans choose team colors when cheering at a sporting event.


Solid color feather boas provide a range that covers most of these events and some include gold or silver lurex for a little extra glitz.  We are in Mardi Gras season with Fat Tuesday just seven weeks away so this is great time to introduce feather boas to your shop.  If you feel they don’t fit into your product mix, use the boas for decoration and I’m sure a customer will approach you to buy them.

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