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  New Year’s Eve opens the starting gate for a run in formal accessories that includes several upcoming events.  We’re talking about Mardi Gras balls, proms, pageant, dance competition, bridal, and Mother’s Day to name a few. 

Here’s where glitz abounds and rhinestone jewelry sparkles.  However, one often-neglected accessory for these dressy events is the evening bag.  Just the right evening purse in color and style can set off the fabulous gowns for these occasions.  But most shopping destinations are woefully short of evening bags.  So the savvy retailer can take advantage of this situation to attract business. 


Watching the red carpet on academy award night or one of the music award evenings is a lesson in evening bags.  It doesn’t take long to see clutches are dominating the market.  Sleek, long clutches are obviously the celebrities favorite in materials that range from satin to patent leather.  Satin is the utmost in traditional—delivering that silver screen look of the sixties.  This is the bag you expect Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn to carry.  Satin also provides the advantage of abundant color choices. 


Leatherettes and faux patent leather are enjoying growing popularity, especially with today’s trend of day into evening bags.  You can add embossed croc and snakeskin patterns to this category.  The bags range from the typical evening purse size to larger bags that replace handbags for day wear with the same bag used after five. 


Metallic colors are big in the faux leathers with silver and the number one choice.  Some of the clutches have large rings that make the bags wristlets—always a popular style for prom girls.  Smaller wristlets with frilly trim creating a very feminine look are always a big hit at prom time. 


Silver is the color in evening bags that sells out first, but also include white evening purses so you have a selection of bridal bags.  Other colors in the same or similar style provide bridesmaid bags, which is good for the retailer because they usually have multiple sales when the wedding party needs bridesmaid bags. 

Evening bags seem to be a natural fit specialty stores and boutiques and with all that competition out there from big box stores, this can be a plus.  So consider adding evening bags to your formal accessories and bring in some customers for a treat they can’t find anywhere else.

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