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No matter how early your customers may have started shopping many will still have a couple of gifts yet to buy come Christmas Eve.  Others have yet to buy gifts to give on New Year’s, to relatives and friends joining them in dinners and parties to greet 2011.  The easier you can make choosing the right holiday gift this late in time, the more your customers will appreciate it!  We’ve gathered a number of gift possibilities for you to consider.  Pull them together in a special store display that is guaranteed to pull in customers.

TIARAS:  Got a little girl on your yet-to-buy for list?  You don’t have to settle for just anything!  Nothing thrills a little princess more than the sign of royalty that she can wear all year long, from holiday happenings right now through spring dressups and summer garden parties.  Pick a small tiara with rhinestones and you can be sure she will be ecstatic! Don’t forget your teenager, here, either.  Tiaras are a wonderful gift for proms and dances of all sorts, not to mention birthdays!

PEARLS:  The classic gift of the centuries is as popular and trendy right now as ever!  Choose a lovely pearl necklace, or opt for pearl earrings or even a pearl bracelet.  Either way, you can pick a traditional design or go for some of the more modern styles to fit your recipient. Pearls are an excellent choice for women of all ages, from teenagers through to grandmas. This is a gift that doesn’t require work:  You don’t even need to know what size to buy.

HOOP EARRINGS:  You might have guessed this one!  The popularity of hoop earrings just keeps going on and on.  Choose the size you like best, or surround yourself with an entire wardrobe of various hoop styles.  Kim Kardashian looks terrific in great big hoop earrings, and loves to be seen in them. So do many celebrities; in fact, hoops might be called the “celebrity earring of the year”.




PENDANTS:   This is a beautiful jewelry gift that’ll last and last.  At the same time, it is incredibly trendy.  Pendants can be worn dangling on gold or silver chains or elegantly positioned on cords.  You can choose from vintage styles to modern architectural designs, with or without gemstone enhancements.  Pop star Britney Spears wears a bold turquoise pendant frequently.  It is flattering and fabulous!

SAFARI STYLE BRACELETS: Looking like something right out of Africa, these fascinating bangles pick up on the hot fashion story for spring by bringing a touch of this often mysterious continent into clear focus.  There are myriad styles to choose: primitive wooden or metal bangles, bangles printed with wild animal designs and stripes, creative material mix bangles with a handmade appearance.  This is a great gift for the fashionista on anybody’s list.  The bangles are sophisticated, young, and very IN.   

TIES:  “Oh, no!”  You might exclaim.  Not that old bromide.  But we aren’t talking about everyday ties here.  Choose some adventuresome ties with exciting patterns and themes.  The kind of tie that is anything but commonplace, one that will surely bring a smile to your recipient’s lips.  A tie that tells a story about golf or football or any of a dozen or one other sports  is always a great idea.  Or, how about an Americana tie he can wear on national holidays the rest of the year?  

BOWS AND BUTTERFLIES:  Which is more popular this year?  You can entice your customers with both!  Just pick out some interesting bow or butterfly brooches and then sit back and relax.  You know they are going to sell.  Bows have been all over the fashion runways this year, and one more only adds to the story.  As for butterflies, designers have chosen a bevy of prints, many of them in charming oriental-inspired gossamer fabrics, to enhance their fashion shows this year. But it is in jewelry that  butterflies show off to their greatest three-dimensional advantage.    

PET SURPRISE!  Well, we can’t forget Fido, can we?  And this will remind your customers that they shouldn’t forget him either!  There are all sorts of gifts just right for the dogs and kittens in your life, from outfits to keep them warm in winter to squeak toys and new collars and leashes. The amazing thing is that all you have to do is take a toy out of its box and wow! Your pet will immediately know it is for him.  How do they do that, anyway?



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