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The sparkle of rhinestone jewelry seems so traditional as accessories for a line up of events that starts with New Year’s Eve and continues until Mother’s Day.  The glamorous jewelry we think of with the mention of rhinestone has chain-like strands of flexible settings and each setting has a prong set crystal.  Everything from simple one-line chokers to lavish bib and cascading sets appear to add shimmer to formal events that dot the calendar from now to May. 

Everyone feels this traditional look in rhinestone jewelry has been with us forever.  The surprise is anyone that glances through a vintage jewelry book will not see designs made from rhinestone chain before the 1940s.  Why?  Because the machine that made rhinestone chain was invented in Providence, Rhode Island in the mid 40s and with metals rationed during World War II, the lavish designs first made their debut after the War.  

Everything called rhinestone jewelry that pre-dates the War is designs with hand set crystals.  And these were also extravagant—produced by the top names in costume jewelry.  In fact, these exquisite works of art ushered in The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry with rich designs that would take your breath at a time least expected, The Great Depression. 


Now back to today and thrill of rhinestone jewelry that will accessorize everything from New Year’s Eve to Mardi Gras balls, dance competition, proms, pageant, and bridal.  What imagination artists need to come up with fresh designs year after year using rhinestone chain.  This is the chain that comes out of the machine with stones already set and goes on spools.  Manufacturers buy the spools of rhinestone chain to create jewelry.    

Each season sees new works of art that capture attention in both lavish sets for balls and New Years Eve as well as classic simplicity for proms and bridal.  This season is no exception with bibs and cascades dominating lavish looks in rhinestone jewelry.  Rows of cascades shimmer with motion and this year soldering adds a curving dimension to cascades with flowing free movement below.  Clear rhinestones in silver tone settings deliver maximum brilliance, making this combination the perennial favorite.


In a season with bracelets making such a splash, rhinestone bracelets are important.  Each event benefits from the sparkle on the wrist and this jewelry also makes great bridesmaid gifts.  Dramatic jewelry is definitely in so don’t be shy about size.  

A gown’s design does not always accommodate a necklace.  This opens the door for a sparkling statement with rhinestone earrings.  Trends provide a variety of choices and variety is what you need in your showcase to flatter different hair dos and face shapes.  Both rhinestone and crystal earrings can add rich additions to your selection.  Pictured is a fabulous look with post earrings on the ear that have design you would expect in a coffee table book of royal jewels.  (This design is found under crystal earrings because the stones are individually set as opposed to the cascading earrings below that are made with rhinestone chain and are under rhinestone earrings.)  The crystal post earrings are perfect for up-dos and long or triangular face shapes.  

Helping customers pick the right rhinestone earrings that will flatter them is a nice added service that will keep them coming back.   A good resource for matching earrings to face shapes can be found at Your Face Shape and Earrings.  Locate more helpful information under Choosing the Right Earrings for your Hair Style

The events over the next four months make rhinestone jewelry an important part of your fashion jewelry selection.  Couple a nice selection with helpful information on the right design for elegance that will flatter your customer and you will build a long-term client that can count on you for accessorizing every formal occasion.

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