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  IF YOU FORGET ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE TREND department and just concentrate on color, you’ll still be leading the fashion world as it moves into Spring 2011.  Color this spring is everything.  But…it is not just ordinary color, or plain color, or boring color (if there is such a thing). The colors emerging for 2011 are fabulous, bright, bold, intense, even fire-y, skipping across the globe,  mixing cultures and reflecting the sun’s light plays in the most enticing and entrancing ways possible.

Think about a red palette.  Real red, and not-exactly reds. Red with orange, red with hot pink, red with purple.  Oh!  These new color combinations are electric! The first country that comes to mind is Tibet, with its vivid oranges, pinks, purples, golds and greens set in one against the other, a Buddhist monk’s expression of spiritual joy and well being!

Lots of this story takes its essence from the 70s when the move toward Eastern spirituality was raging. Very global!  Go Tibetan for Spring and you’ll be amazed at your own color delight and sophistication.




                                     Color Intensity

OF COURSE, RED ISN’T   the only color story playing out on the fashion field.   Blue is a front runner here, too, in bold, bright, intense saturation.  Dior presents a fabulous blouse in just the right shade of blue, reminiscent to some extent of the vibrant fashion blue of the early fifties.  An almost perfect match for the Dior blouse is a really neat clutch bag in afternoon blue from Reed Krakoff. 

Green is another hot color for Spring.  Think about a wonderful green croc bag with gold hardware and shoulder chain from Etro.  Showing off its hot trendy status, it sells for a hefty $1,617.  

You can think of green as a total color story unto itself.  The hue we’re talking about is very much a late summer green, very lush, very deep, but still bright and assertive.  Gucci works wonders with the color in a tight pair of satin-y pants, paired with a purple top, gold metallic belt and orange over blouse.  Wild?  More like fantastic!  High in the frigid, snow-laden Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, these colors are all warming, even thrilling visions of spring blossoms.


Many of the jewelry choices for Spring’s colorful look are gold, real or plated.   With the precious metal’s price going ever higher and higher, this is not an easy product to sell.  Still, design houses like Gucci have some great choices on the market, especially a wide gold cuff and twisted gold bangle bracelets. 

Look for the same idea in gold plate; some designers are working the plate over brass, which promises a much longer lifespan for the jewelry.  If a small area of gold wears off, you still have the brass color underneath, hiding the reality that this isn’t all real.  Late Spring also puts emphasis on yellow jewelry. Alexis Bittar offers some playful yellow bangles, just right for the season.        

                                                 Color Blocking


THE COMBINATION OF COLORS marks the look for Spring 2011. Color-blocked sportswear is especially important in casual dresses and pants pitted against tops and jackets, all expressing separate color identity. Check out Jill Sander’s designs for a perfect example of what we’re talking about! Prada also works the idea in an interesting way, with a T-shirt of color blocked stripes, green and blue on the upper half, blue and white below.  This is then worn with a red and blue striped skirt for eye-popping effect. 

Paired with all of this are some accessories that match, others that contrast, and still others that mix colors themselves, for a totally individualistic style.  Matthew Williamson for Bulgari has a charming little sexagonal-shaped bag in a splendid mix of red colors and patterns. 

Prada has a beautiful clutch evening bag in red satin; the designer uses it to rev up sportswear!  Proenza Schouler offers a medium-sized gold leather bag with wide orange shoulder strap.  And Coach is marketing a stunning shiny blue leather bag, medium sized, equally at home with British society or in South Beach revelry.

Color blocking, stripes, patterns, and all kinds of imaginative mixes:  That is the color direction for the warmer months.  Expect color to be important in the spring, more important in summer, and … bigger than ever for fall!  This is the trend of trends right now.



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