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 CHRISTMAS IS COMING and your customers are actively scouting the market searching for good-looking, value-packed gifts to put under the tree for their friends, families, and loved ones.   Here are a number of ideas to help you assure them that your store is where they’ll find the best there is:

LITTLE EVENING-STYLE CLUTCH HANDBAGS.  Get one in grey for a really trendy gift!  But…be sure your gift recipient understands that these little beauties can be worn almost everywhere, at any time!  Think in terms of splashy all-over sequins for a real up-to-the-minute effect.  Also, don’t miss the sweet look of clutches with a single big material flower blossom on the front.  Charming!

SAPPHIRES, REAL OR FAUX!  Oh, yes! Sapphires were launched into a major popularity rush the moment Prince William placed his mother’s engagement ring on Kate Middleton’s finger.  Not only is the design a super-hot engagement ring style right now, but sapphires are also getting a real shot in the arm where sales are concerned.  Choose a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet.  If it has sapphires on it, you’re talking trendy. Very trendy.   You’re also talking love.

BIG BRACELETS:   Could anything be hotter? Look at Kim Kardashian, wearing two big bracelets at a time…very chic! Maybe you’d rather four or even ten bracelets at once.  The more you wear, the chic-er you are.  Try a very wide silver or gold plated smooth cuff for modern architectural drama.  Or, a terribly IN charm bracelet with almost anything hanging off it, just so long as it is hanging.  Bangles may be plain, but oh, they are important, too!  What a great gift to give or receive.






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LITTLE FOXY FUR STOLE:  Sexy?  Sweet?  This can be everything all rolled up into one.  Imagine a very 1920s look on a delightful young lady with short hair, red lips, and plenty of disarming come-hither charm. You don’t have to stay with fox fur, either. How about that wonderful marabou bolero by Adrienne Landau?  Fabulous!


SIGNATURE NECKLACES: These are big, impressive, show stopper necklaces that absolutely demand attention.  Look at some of the chunkier varieties: necklaces with heavy clusters of gemstones or other embellishments. Choose one filled with colorful resin beads for a timely expression. Think of drop offs: Circular pendants exaggerate a really dynamic look.
   Don’t miss Swarovski’s fabulous cross-shaped crystal pendant dangling from a double gold ball chain.  Actress Kristen Bell, who says she absolutely adores dynamic accessories, wears a big three-dimensional choker necklace that is signature-happy all the way:  by Dolce & Gabbana, the necklace is a mish-mash of multiple style gold tone chains with all kinds of gemstones and resin artifacts hanging off, from flowers to globes.  Wow!

DROP EARRINGS:  Almost any kind of drop earring is hot right now.  You can choose from a variety of chandelier earrings, or maybe pick long, thin slivers of waterfall-like earrings made of   gemstones or pearls. Very sophisticated. Of course, this Christmas, you can’t go wrong choosing a simpler style a la the charming but somewhat conservative future wife of Prince William, Miss Middleton.  Look for somewhat quieter drop earrings, not too long, not too embellished, with perhaps a single pearl dangling off a thin gold chain, quiet enough to fit the new British taste maven.   

SUNBURST BROOCH:  Big sunburst or floral styles.  Think about Carey Mulligan (just tapped for the role of Daisy Buchanan Mulligan in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”) at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund dinner recently. Mulligan, who was there to introduce Karl Lagerfeld, wore a dress with a center bejeweled sunburst that was big, beautiful, with a large center stone.  The only question is:   Was it attached to the dress or was it an attached brooch? Either way, it was fabulous! 

   If your taste runs toward floras’, think about the Empress Pin featured in the latest Smithsonian catalog.  The original was crafted by Italian artisans and given as a gift to Jackie Kennedy from the Shah and Empress of Iran when they visited Washington D.C. in1962.  Dated?  Not on your life!  These styles stay forever! The reproduction we’re talking about has 224 Swarovski crystals over 24K gold and rhodium plated floral base. Don’t even think about what the original cost.

FLOPPY HATS:  It’s a modern look and classic at the same time.  Floppy big brimmed hats give a casual flair to almost any outfit and look good on just about anybody.  Who would love one?  Hey, who wouldn’t!  Choose the right one, and you’ll get fashion as well as warmth for the cooler months.



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