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“THEM THAT’S GOT SHALL GET”:  There’s good economic news at the luxury level, at least, where LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton clocked a third quarter sales hike of 23.6 percent to 5.11 Euros.  The Vuitton brand alone which includes such brands as Givenchy, Loewe, and Marc Jacobs — logged double digit growth to 25.8 percent for the quarter.  The figures surpassed market expectations and confirm the luxury brand’s rebound ahead of the Christmas shopping season.  A firm spokesperson contended that the latest figures also confirmed trends the company has been observing since the beginning of the year.  Apparently, the luxury level is recovering handsomely.

GRAY LADY:  Don’t give up on the fabulous neutral color gray, thinking it might be too neutral for such a bright color season.  Among the color’s biggest backers is the couture house of Christian Dior.  Not only is gray the firm’s emblematic color, it is also the hot new color of its latest Lady Dior bag.  Ads for the bag, with a shoulder strap and rich gray color, are also being flagged in a gray-themed advertising campaign, about to break next month in fashion publications internationally. Gray!  Get with it!

   –And while we’re on Dior, can we fail to mention that the company will unveil a John Galliano-designed Dior Christmas tree at Claridge’s this year, while also hosting an event to fete an exhibition of  illustrations of Somerset House, called Dior Illustrated.  All very classy and haute couture!




WHOOPS!  WILD DESIGNS ON THE RUNWAYS:  If you think you’ve seen all the wacky-ness haute couture can offer, think again.  This season is a real doozie for some of the nuttiest fashion, ever. 

Take one huge black evening dress from Limi Feu for starters.  It makes the model (who you just know doesn’t weigh more than 110 pounds, if that) look like a comfortable 350 pounds or more, what with its voluminous, shapeless gatherings.  Worn with klutzy flat athletic shoes and hair that appears to have been electrocuted, this is a sight to behold.  Eeeks.

Then there is another big bodied straight-lined white something (is it an evening dress?) with sleeveless full feathered top and heavily gathered white brocade skirt that is waaay too long.  Where has the figure gone?  This one is complements of Giambattista Valle. And how about Yohji Yamamoto’s long black flowing chiffon evening dress that would work marvels for yesterday’s witchy TV series, The Munsters

And, oh yes, what about John Galliano’s long white chiffon tank dress piled high with vertical stripes of feathers.  Feathers.  And more feathers.  Looking for accessories?  Don’t!  These designers apparently forgot them.

FREE-FLOWING:  Paris put forth a bevy of delightful outfits for Spring, but don’t look too closely or you might see something is missing!  We’re talking about the charming see-through chiffon dresses that wafted down the fashion runways to the thrill of everyone.

One bright blue dress had flower buds strewn about it, from Christian Dior. It was shown with a brilliant big orange-red feathered necklace a traditional white dress had a sparkly bodice and was worn with a huge white hat with chiffon tie-wrap, from John Galliano.

For ruffles and see-through action, look to Valentino.  One of his models wore a brown and tan chiffon outfit with large bodice ruffles and skinny silver belt.  Yves Saint Laurent put an intensely purple-blue chiffon dress in front of the world, worn with shiny gold high-heeled slippers. 

Yes, it was all very cool looking, sheer, wispy.  But…what was worn under the chiffon?  Apparently nothing!  Bodies were deftly veiled, but certainly not blocked.  Wooo! This was a dream-come-true for every 12 year old boy, much less everyone else in the male category!

BRITISH INVASION:  “I’ve been through two recessions and accessories are right for recessions or difficult times when people don’t buy too many clothes,” declared Peter Simon, chairman of the U. K.-based chain Accessorize, which is just now opening two of its first stores in the United States, one at l Union Square West and the other at 329 Bleecker Street, both New York City.

A division of the multi-million dollar Monsoon retail group, Accessorize has written a phenomenally successful history for itself since first opening in Covent Garden 27 year ago, when it only sold scarves and cummerbunds.  The operation now has 750 stores with a huge number of products.  Accessorize introduces 1,500 new products each season alone!

Statement jewelry is one of the store’s hottest categories.  It also sells bridal jewelry, watches, handbags, purses, wallets, shoes, hats, gloves, lingerie and more.  Prices are remarkably moderate, such as a statement necklace of diamante and metal for about $32 or a sparkle clutch for $47.

Accessorize markets to an 18- to 35-year old client.  Its advertising always features A-list models and celebrities.  The firm does unique products for each market it enters, such as a Russian striped clutch when it entered Russia.  “We’re doing stars and stripes for America,” Simon said.




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