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SWATCH HAS SOME HOT NEW COMPETITION:   There’s a new watch on the market and is it ever innovative!  To start with, it is made out of paper.  That’s right:  Paper!  Called Patch, the biodegradable watch is considered the first of its kind; it gives a second skin fit and looks terrific!  Giuseppe Casillo, head of the Geneva-based timepiece company Altanus, the firm that manufactures the watch, says it is also shock and tear resistant as well as waterproof.  The watch uses LED technology and comes in 10 neon colors as well as seasonal patterns.  WOW!

HOLD ON TO THIS:  The dynamite iPod has the fashion industry running to come up with an ever-better holder for its fashionistas.  The latest cult must-have can now be “clothed” in such haute couture wrappings as a rock ‘n roll version with metal studs along the border (by Valentino duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccoloi), or one of a total collection of designs such as leopard print ponyskin cover style from Trussardi.  If you have to stay connected, this is the way to do it!

SEEING BETTER:  Regular eyeglasses – also known as optical glasses – are taking a hint from sunglasses this season, and emerging as brand new fashion items.  Glasses are bolder, brighter, and more colorful. A more experimental, less conservative consumer is said to be driving the trend.

“This is the first item people see when they look at your face,” says Tom Coleman, president of Ray-Ban. The days of wearing frames that are neutral are behind us.  I think there is some boredom with that.   Consumers want vivid colors, unique pieces, and designer brands”

Coleman also says that customers are now concerned about having the right frame for different occasions, adding that optical frames are now a must-have accessory for a whole new generation of consumers. 




METALLIC WONDERS:  Just because gold is selling at an all time high is no reason to think that metal isn’t soaring in jewelry making popularity.  All kinds of metal are suddenly coming forward, spurred on by the need for alternatives to gold.  Creativity has never been higher, either, as designers give special attention to new and exciting looks for the market. Artsy designs are predominant, many with a handcrafted, even primitive appearance. 

A fabulous necklace with definite African inspiration comes from Fiona Paxton.  It features gold-plated metal (rather than real gold), soladite and hematite.  On the other hand, an Anton Heunis’ brass, glass and Swarovski Elements brooch is a good example of just how finished and traditional the looks can also be. Brass is a big material on the upswing in designer studios, and sterling silver has never been so hot.

TROPICAL WAVE:  If you find dreams about Hawaii become ever so delightful as the snowy season begins, you’ll just love some of the great sizzling-heat accessories already making it onto the market.  You can buy them to wear now, or to keep in your closet to look at until Spring is here.  The colors for this new heat wave trend are bright, brighter, brightest.  Think hot pink especially, but don’t ignore palm-tree green, tan, and sea blue.  Stripes are another big factor in this story.  Consider brightly striped scarves, striped shoes, and striped handbags.  A wonderful straw bag from Capelli Straworld features blue, green and purple woven straw in a vertical striped design.  Ahhh, Maui is just around the corner!

OUT OF AFRICA:  Who would ever believe that a young woman born in Africa and raised among the Masai warriors would be the subject of global excitement regarding her jewelry collections?  Well, that’s exactly the case with Carolyn Roumeguere, who says the Masai taught her proportion and color:  “Nobody does it better.”

Now, Roumeguere has become fast friends with Donna Karan; the haute couturier looked to her as a muse in creating her Safari Collection.  Karan says “Carolyn is a real inspiration.  She stands for everything Urban Zen is all about.”

Roumeguere worked with gold and silver, along with diamonds and emeralds, in her latest collection.  Masai earrings and intricately designed bracelets are among her latest designs.



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