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  THE 70S HAVE NEVER BEEN more in fashion!  At the New York Fashion Week, bold Tibetan colors took to the runways with verve, color blocking was a major trend, and flower accessories gave a thrilling 70s remembrance to it all. It was “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair…” all over again!  –Well, almost…

Nobody could have done the retro extravaganza better than Marc Jacobs.  He paraded yesteryear ladies with wonderful colors and wild color combinations down the runways and across the New York scene with a special kind of energy.  Big floppy hats were worn by almost everybody here, along with big purple, pink, and orange feather boas wrapped around the neck in snow-storm-ready style.

Pants and dresses vied side-by-side for importance.  Gossimer fabrics kept everything light and flowing.  Little tops and big shorty overcoats were charming, if a bit top heavy.  Shimmery satins were a new form of subtle glitz.  Jacobs fashions were anything but boring or old. 

There was a new enthusiasm to each design, and a particularly wearable quality to all.  Who wouldn’t look good in any of these pieces?  There was no teeny-bopper edge to any of it, and all seemed made-just-right for the new womanly– not-fat but certainly not anorexic – figure.  Can all this realness be real?  Well, don’t get too excited too soon.  Jacobs also put forth a pale blue satin dress with full skirt and cut short like a ballerina outfit.  Ouch!


                                            New Enthusiasm




VERA WANG PRESENTED a cap-sleeved sheath dress done in an updated floral design with black background.  She also showed a lovely grey over one shoulder chiffon sheath dress that was dynamite!  Hemlines were all below the knee.

The print wheel flashed strongly on fashions from Rodarte.  A blue and white slacks suit featured two very different prints teamed together with a very big blue print handkerchief jutting out from the waist.  Mark + James proudly put forth a super short outfit in light silver grey and white.  A corded macramé grey belt pulled it all together fabulously.

Adding spark to all the outfits were ACCESSORIES.  Wang hit on a black belt and shorty black leather boots for her not-really-Hawaiian floral dress.  She also worked big hair into a double row style, appearing at first glance like a little pillbox a la Jackie Kennedy.  Rodarte was into stockings (look at those golden legs!)  and socks and platform shoes.  Mark + James also went the Kennedy route with big black sunglasses.  Ultra sophistication!

                                              Artistic Connections

THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR of St. John emphasized femininity in his collection for New York Fashion Week.  The color palette was mostly neutrals, although there were some rich blacks and a handful of gold sprinklings, jazz-ing up the overall collection.  Elegant silk pantsuits had cropped pants and were paired to short jackets and somewhat full blouses.  Big double-breasted jackets and dramatically long skirts for evening were standouts.

–Perhaps most interesting in St, John’s presentation was a featured sample collection of jewelry from Neville Ward, including delicate necklaces, fragile bracelets, and multi-strand long necklaces.




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