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  ESCAPISM CONTINUES TO RUN through the Pantone color palette for Spring, bringing images of other continents, other lifestyles, other places.  The colors are mostly bright, as if lit from within by a muted sun.  Here the last five of the top colors make a break with the first five, introducing more intense hues and giving the entire palette greater balance and stronger footing. 

Many of these colors are also found in the top ten color listings for menswear this Spring, like Lavender, Blue Curacao, and Russet.  Here is a rundown of the last five projected big color movers for Spring, colors picked by fashion designers to energize and give special visual impact to clothing and accessories:  

NUMBER SIX:  BLUE CURACAO.  This is a fascinating color that, as Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, puts it, taps into the popularity of turquoise, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2010.  “It is a next door neighbor to turquoise,” Eiseman says.  But it also goes further in the dream arena, reminding us not only of the bright Caribbean sea and sky, but also of the South Seas, of Somerset Maugham stories, of Palm trees, sunny days, and orchids blowing on sand. 

NUMBER SEVEN: RUSSET.  Oh!  Where did this come from?  Dramatically deep, this Russet brown is more commonly seen in the fall, but Eiseman tells us more and more designers are using it for Spring this year. She says that people are now more inclined to use the color all year round. Sporting a slightly peachy tone, Russet brown works wonders with a large range of nude tones.

NUMBER EIGHT:  SILVER PEONY.  Ethereal and peachy, silver peony appeals to many women.  It is a real light tan with a distant pink cast, perfect for neutral dressing.  Eiseman sees it as having a romantic attachment that might be made with any color.  Silver Peony goes with almost everything! 




                                          Marriage of Opposites

NUMBER NINE: LAVENDER.  Eiseman contends that purple is the most creative color, noting that many different shades of purple have come on strong in the past few years. “Lavender is very popular with people in fashion.  It comes from a marriage of blue and red, which are absolute opposites.  Artistic and creative people get that.”  Hmmm. 

–Well, this is a beautiful lavender, bright and soft simultaneously, but it is admittedly hard to see the red in it.  Nevertheless, it is very popular with designers this Spring.  Victoria Beckham uses a slightly deeper purple but one certainly in the same family as lavender for a knockout draped silk dress with short skirt and tied front.  The color?  Fantastic!


NUMBER TEN:  SILVER CLOUD.   This is truly a hot color.  “Silver Cloud is a quintessential classic neutral that is practical, dependable, and can always be used as a background color,” Eiseman says. It also appeals to a wide range of consumers, from young to old.  It is on one hand dressy and regal, on the other, super-modern and edgy. 

–VPL by Victoria Bartlett created a long grey (certainly Silver Cloud) sweatshirt dress with bold nude insets balancing skin against the classy Silver Cloud color presence. Juan Carlos Obando also worked with a rich grey, this one in shiny satiny material, for thigh-tight pants with flared bottoms.  Rebecca Taylor sent one of her models down the runway in a gossamer below-the-knee skirt with white sweater top, and carrying a small silver-colored shoulder bag.     

                                              Other Places

QUITE a VIBRANT color journey, wouldn’t you say?  This Spring’s colors are exciting and new, and promise to give plenty of sales power to fashion clothes and accessories. Orange, Sea Green.  Sky Blue.  They are all here. Dreams of Bali.  Dreams of the Gold Coast.  Dreams of deep Africa.  Colors that duplicate the Pantone list and colors that are variants on the same basic theme.  What a season this promises to be!



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