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   COLOR!  THE LOOK OF SPRING is invariably tied to the major colors used by designers for warm weather fashion and accessories, and this year – Spring 2011 – the colors are bright, almost as if a light were on behind them, flooding through them with early morning brilliance.

These are not urban colors, but they are global.  They are not sophisticated colors, but they are intriguing.  In combination, they can often become fascinating, what with their origins echoing hues seen in Africa, India, Peru, and Turkey.   

Escapism is the key theme for Spring colors, according to the Pantone Color Institute.  Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director, says that everything is a little more exotic this season.  “It really has to do with everything that is happening in the world.  There is still a lot of concern about the economy and life in general.”

Designers have also set their sights on some far-off places for spring shades, as one leading fashion publication puts it. Here are the “paradise found” color results of those musings:


                                            The Hot Color List      

NUMBER ONE: HONEYSUCKLE:  More designers are using this color than any other for Spring.  It is a vibrant, bright rose, a “feel good” color as Eiseman puts it.  “People are looking for something that gives them a lift,” she says. “Everyone has been feeling a bit lethargic.  Honeysuckle is flirtatious and has more of a playful attitude.”

NUMBER TWO: REGATTA:  Going sailing, anyone?  Here is the perfect rich-girl water color.  It is a medium blue, not at all Navy, but perfect for times on and around the sea.  This is a cooling tone, differing from Honeysuckle, and it has a calming appeal.  “And…who doesn’t like blue?” Eiseman asks.  Tommy Hilfiger uses this color brilliantly in a delightful combination of girl-plus-boy outfits,  a play on country-club style.  He features a very short pleated skirt with halter for ladies, and a skinny leg Spring suit for men, all in Regatta. Don’t miss the thin blue belt, the high blue shoes, and the bright orange socks.  Wow!

   –Interesting point:  Regatta is not only hot for women, but it comes in as the Number One color for men for Spring as well!




                            The Important Orange-Yellow Input

NUMBER THREE: CORAL ROSE.  This is a bright, eye-opening orange.  It is very Spring-like,” Eiseman says.  “It fits right into the whole idea of exotic colors because oranges have been around for several seasons.”  Diane von Furstenberg uses the color delightfully in a short sleeved over blouse with zipper front, and pairs it exotically with a blue-purple straight skirt with the new, longer length.  It is a very elegant look.

NUMBER FOUR: BEESWAX.   As Eiseman puts it, “Beeswax makes you think of honey – it is not acidic.  It is also a reminder of far-off lands.”  Beeswax appears now as an extension of the popularity that yellow has been gaining in recent seasons.  It is a very important color. Cynthia Rowley uses the color imaginatively in a straight lined, below the knee skirt perforated with giant holes.  Wild! A slightly softer version of the color pops up from Malandrino, seen in a pair of dropped crotch baggy cargo pants.   This one might have done better left on the drawing boards.

NUMBER FIVE: PEAPOD.  Oh, my!  This is a bright, young, happy green.  As Eiseman says “It plays to two things – new beginnings and a sign of Spring.”  It works well as a neutral and generally goes with anything.  See it in gemstone necklaces, shoes, handbags, scarves, and more.  From Philosophy di Alberto Ferretti, this wonderful green is the background color for a fun, short playsuit, worn with coral high-heeled sandals and a rice-patty peasant hat. Threads of the Orient don’t overwhelm its “just-right-for-Cannes” appearance.




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