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Labor Day! 

 THE SUMMER IS BEGINNING to wane and what could be more appreciated throughout most of the country than the prospect of temperatures finally dropping and balmy afternoons finally returning.  The incredibly sweltering vacation season 2010 is just about over!  The kids are returning to school.  Great activity is starting up, as opera houses, music halls; theatrical productions all ready themselves for another season.   It’s as if energy was returning to the earth.  

Of course, Labor Day is much more than just relief from too much sun.  It was established in 1894 to celebrate America’s working class and to show appreciation for their contributions to the prosperity and success of our nation.   

Parades are held in towns big and small around the country, flags are proudly flown, unions put on their best manners, and even TV news shows get in on the action with stories about the American worker circa the New Millennium Plus.  

                                      Big Celebration  

ONE OF THE NICE THINGS about Labor Day is that it is still summer.  So kids can go swimming, Bar-B-Que can be happily stoked up, and picnics as well as all kinds of outdoor living and recreational activities can be enjoyed to the maximum.   This is the last big weekend of the season, and everybody is anxious to live it up on a grand scale.  











                                           A Call to Fall  

LABOR DAY IS A “CALL TO FALL.”  It is a time to review wardrobes, a time to refresh them with timely, trendy items that fit the new cooler season.  Scarves, shawls, even ponchos work particularly well now; they allow for the continued use of summer clothes, enriched by warm wools and cozy wraps.  Hot in that arena are stripes and prints, metallic threads to give the overall pattern a certain cache, and fringe galore.  Darker colors generally bespeak the new season; think about grays, browns, deep blues and greens.  A really great look includes a skinny belt to hold a shawl to the body.  

As Fall comes in, a new cross body little bag is a great wardrobe waker-upper.  Wear it on Labor Day itself to start everything off with pizzaz!  When putting an outfit together this year, remember that the waist is a major focal point of fashion.   Work with belts, chains, anything that will emphasize the figure.  Think also about skinny legs with tight jeans, leggings, stockings and fancy socks.  Lace is a particularly hot material in this category.  

—But don’t lose sight of the ever changing fashion picture here:  Dropped crotch pants are reportedly on the horizon and could radically change the silhouette.  Our vote, however, is that they’ll never, NEVER replace those sexy tight leg looks young women are so crazy about!  


                                           Looking Forward  

LABOR DAY IS ALSO a time to plan for the upcoming season and year.  Retailers can make good use of the time by planning out new purchases, and thinking about creative new ways to make present inventory more attractive and timely.   

—And what about store space?  Is it good looking?  Does it bring in customers?  Does it excite them to buy? How About your web site?  Is it “edgy?”  Forward looking? Do you change and update it frequently?  These are just some of the questions to answer in a review for bigger and better sales ahead.  

Labor Day is the perfect time to put together a new package for business.  And this year, with a questionable economy and cautious customers, new planning has never been more important.  This is no time to pull back; it is a time to forge ahead with optimism and studied understanding of where you are going and how you can best serve your customers now.  

It takes work, yes.  But isn’t work what Labor Day is all about?  It’s a celebration of work, not just for itself, but for all it brings to you, your customers, your community.  Have a great Day!                                         















































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