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IT’S SUMMERTIME, AND WHAT BETTER TIME for a party than this? The sun is high, the weather is hot, and everyone’s attention is on feeling good and having a great vacation, at home or elsewhere.  That just naturally brings up parties because this is the perfect time of year for them.  Hold one outdoors, make use of some fabulous fashion accessories, and oh! What a good time everyone will have!

We pulled together a few party ideas you might want to use for yourself or your customers.  Here they are:

MASQUERADE PARTY:  This is such a great party idea, especially for a warm summer evening!  Get together with some wonderful food (think in terms of off-beat dishes, exotica that adds to the unknown flavor).

You can always theme your Masquerade Party – like 18th Century Spooky, or French Sensuality, or Early American Revolutionary, — or you can just call it a masked celebration and let your guests choose the masks and costumes they want for themselves.

Masquerade Parties are just as much fun for youngsters as adults. If anything, kids love them even more.  In this case, you can let your young guests wear their own masks, or you can supply masks for them

A terrific game for Masquerade Parties is, of course, Who Am I?  That can mean actually identifying the guests, or identifying who he or she is supposed to be.  It is often amazing to see the variety of things people’s minds can come up with!




VICTORIAN TEA PARTY:  This doesn’t have to be as snooty as it sounds!  In fact, tea parties of this sort are growing in popularity and have been for several years now.  You can serve coffee or tea, actually, and be sure to include a nice grouping of tasty finger sandwiches with a Brit-flavor, little cakes (the French type are terrific here) go equally well.

Setting the table is a big factor in the Victorian Tea Party.  You can even research it on the Internet, to get some quaint pictures of table settings you might want to copy.  At any rate, outfit your table with pretty little tea cups and dessert plates (if you don’t have enough of your own, borrow from friends and neighbors…nothing has to match) Some absolute musts include a nice table cloth, some charming tea pots and flowers.  Flowers make the Victorian scene complete!

An extraordinary tea salon in Southeast Florida features Victorian Tea Parties with a real flair (and equally impressive price tags).  Here, you have your choice of various pieces of clothing — from mink stoles to big fox jackets, along with a collection of great jewelry, from necklaces to earrings, bracelets, and more – all to don for the afternoon.


Once properly outfitted, guests sit at a Victoria-set table and enjoy their afternoon tea.  A photographer takes pictures, to keep the memory alive for everyone.  You might notice that—take pictures of your party!

PICNIC IN THE PARK:  A restaurant in New York City specializes in delightful picnic baskets for customers to buy and take to Central Park for a great afternoon experience.  Guys who ordinarily only understand dinner and the movies as dating options might pay attention!  This romantic outing is real winner.

You might choose between two types of picnics.  One is for kids, filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hamburgers to grill, and jugs of iced soda or juice, along with several types of cakes or pies.  Kids don’t understand fancy adult fare, so don’t try to feed them that type of food.  Keep it simple, easy, good.  Include some homemade salads, like macaroni and cheese, if you want to get kudos galore! 

Kids’ picnics require games, so bring some balls, some board games, some cards.  If the park is conducive to it, you might plan a fun hike.

   –Suggestion:  Bone up on trees, their names and what they look like.  Then, you can teach youngsters a little about the best part of nature on your picnic!


Adult picnics can be much more sophisticated.  Some Brie cheese, a loaf of French bread, a bottle of good wine.  Spread out a tablecloth, put some pillows around and, voila!  You’ve got heaven.

Most importantly, don’t forget the fashion accessories.  No adult picnic is complete without a charming outfit and a collection of interesting jewelry pieces. Looking the part helps set the stage for the best picnic ever.  Consider chain necklaces, hoop earrings, fun ankle bracelets.




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