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ahoy, sailor girls and boys:  Fashion Accessories are awash with exciting stories, celebrating lavish lifestyles on and by the sea.  This is a story everyone loves, most especially retailers who get the opportunity from it to create highly desirable sales promotions within their stores.

Just imagine apparel of all sorts extolling the Nautical Story: cut-off slacks and cute little shorts, t-shirts with nautical symbols and colors, even shoes decked out for days of boating on the briny. 

                                               French Riviera

Whether tying up your rowboat by the dock in South Jersey, or docking your yacht on the classy French Riviera coastline, the Nautical Look is classic, trendy, classy, casual, and youthful, all at once. Right now, it is also very, very hot!

Just put yourself in the right mindset and you’ll be ready to navigate a dynamite path on this one!  First, start with the big nautical color:  Blue. Find the right sea-blue and you’re off and running.  You can put almost anything with it, and you’ll still be right at the water’s edge.  White is a natural accompaniment to sailor blue, as is a touch of real red as well as a flash of brilliant Ralph Lauren yellow.  Try them.

Add to that a hefty collection of stripes in all widths: Striped t-shirts, striped blouses, striped shorts and slacks and summer jackets.  They’re all just delightful!   

Then have fun with accessories!



  • Lifeguard visor.


                            The Well-Accessorized Nautical Lass

Sailor belts with nautical knots are very IN.  Work with rope of all sorts for this look, even clotheslines.  And what about jewelry?  Get into those fun anchor charms for a really authentic look.  Anything with an anchor theme is the right stuff for the sailor boy story. Add on blue-tinged sunglasses and blue denim handbags.   You might also hire a retired sailor to give lessons on how to tie nautical knots.  It’s a fun way to draw in prospective customers!

Working with sea colors and sea shore images can make your store even more delightful. That could mean adding some sea shells to your displays, perhaps some travel posters of famous sea resorts, even putting out some “niche” oriented products to support the nautical theme, like sea foam perfumes or audio tapes of the ocean!  

   –These can suddenly become great accessories, giving you some excellent “add-on product” revenue.

                                         Age is No Problem

One of the nicest aspects to this story is that it crosses over all age lines.  Little kids will adore sailor boy products, while older ladies will enjoy a more sophisticated rendition, perhaps in the form of a scarf.

–And hey, don’t forget:  This Nautical Look is good for now straight through the winter months as summer fades into cooler temperatures and get-away living brings cruise and resort wear into clearer focus. 

But even more than that, a touch of the Nautical, in the form of jewelry or perhaps a handbag, can bring the fun days of vacation alive even in the midst of snow and sleet!  Nautical has real lasting power.



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