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WHAT MAKES YOU more mysterious, glamorous, and edgy than the latest pair of sunglasses?  Ask any fashionista from Park Avenue to Rodeo Drive and she’ll tell you: She’d rather give up almost any fashion item than her sunglasses.  Why?  Well, it’s just the way they make you look.  Terribly chic.  Sophisticated. International.

Some people say that people who wear really large, dark sunglasses are hiding behind them.  That may be true, but oh, what a way to hide! Consider the steamy intensity of James Bond behind his almost black-out shades.  The intriguing sensuality of Madonna behind her big Jacqueline-Kennedy-era glasses.  The looks excite, fascinate, lure. There is an element of danger here, where all is not known, perhaps even an ominous suggestion of risky adventure.  Sunglasses are super fantasy motivators!  

The amazing thing is that you can offer an almost endless array of fun mental hijinks to any of your customers with just the right pair of sunglasses.  They don’t have to be super-costly.  They don’t even need a designer logo on them (although this doesn’t hurt one bit). One minute, you’re in Hoboken.  The next, you’re in Cannes!

                                                 Several Pair

Unlike years ago, when one pair of often nerdy glasses was enough for anyone, today’s consumer wants several pair of sunglasses to go with many different outfits and looks.  What outfit is really complete without this key accessory? 

A friend of mine has a wardrobe of glasses all by themselves:  A golden rimmed pair for glamour, a metallic rimmed dark brown lens pair for a kind of Bauhaus effect, a large black pair with a resplendent gold logo on either return for her Italian International look, and a blue rimmed pair for afternoon dalliance by the pool.  My, aren’t we getting fancy?




  • Sleek unisex wrap sunglasses


                                              Sales are Up

SUNGLASS SALES IN THE UNITED STATES are booming. According to the market research group NPD, there was a full 8 percent hike in sunglass sales in the January to March period this year over last. 

Daniel Hofkin, a Chicago research analyst, attributes the sales growth to a new trend in people “trading down” from very expensive fashion accessories to accessories that cost a couple of hundred dollars or less.  He contends that glasses priced at $30 or less are the most popular with consumers, and they are also the most resilient during any economic downturn.

    –Right now, consumers are purchasing sunglasses priced an average of $15.49 a pair.


Of course, the explosive growth in creativity in the sunglass field has also fueled much of the recent sales growth.  Designers are introducing new trends at a phenomenal rate, changing shapes and colors, and otherwise stimulating the market with a wide variety of choices and designs. 

The latest sunglass trends this summer are many.  Bold colors lead the list, along with wild patterns and interesting variations on the classic aviator style.  And how about Prada’s Postcard Collection?  Here you’ll find some really far-out designs in a group of 60s type acetate frames in Day-Glo colors like fluorescent pink and lime with sweet peachy colored lens.Wow!



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