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This has been a spectacular year for jewelry design!  A score of young, talented, and highly imaginative designers have come to the fore, all giving their utmost to new jewelry looks.  It has been thrilling!  One of the strongest themes to come forth has been earthy, even eco-sensitive, works with styles that take inspiration both from the earth and from cultures worldwide. 

Nominated for the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design for the CFDA fashion awards were several highly talented designers whose personal dedication to jewelry and accessories lifted their profiles to new heights of esteem within the fashion world.  Among them was Dana Lorenz, and oh! what extraordinary designs she has produced this year!

One industry publication described her works as “a unique blend of edge and elegance found in her signature collection, Fenton, and in her lower priced line, Fallon.                  –Fenton launched in February 2005 and quickly took center stage in stores such as Ikram and Barneys New York.”


                                   Exciting Diffusion Line


Dana used much of her Fenton design acumen in creating the Fallon line, which bowed in 2007.  An exciting diffusion line, it includes whimsical pilings of crystal, pearls and chains, all with what she calls a “rock and roll” vibe.  Fallon has also come to the attention of super-retailer J. Crew, where the pieces have been on sale since this spring.  Unlike the more costly Fenton line, Dana’s Fallon jewelry sells in the vicinity of a low $100!

Dana wears her own jewelry with style! She is especially fond of bracelets, and has designed a number of large, chunky pieces in earth-shades of white, black and tan.  One piece in particular, sporting a cuff-width of several inches, combines classic bead and stone work with ultra-modern sea shapes and forms.  




                                     Street Culture

EDDIE BORGO is the designer other designers go to for highly imaginative and creative jewelry designs for the runway.  Known for his exceptional versatility, Borgo’s jewelry has a sexy toughness with plenty of New York Street culture styled in.

Much of Borgo’s jewelry stands out because of its texture and depth.  He also creates spikes, cones and triangles out of materials like onyx and pearl.  These bold pieces, with no small amount of Punk designed-in, have captured the attention of jewelry lovers worldwide.  One piece that combines Punk with a classical aesthete is a simple black onyx spike bracelet that sits flat on the wrist. 

The highly acclaimed and award winning designer, ALEXANDER WANG , has rapidly moved strongly into accessory design, so much so that it now makes up about 1/3 of his fashion collections.  At a young 26, the designer is constantly expanding his vision, developing new ideas and creative modalities.

Earlier this year, he launched a line of eyewear with designer Linda Farrow, at the same time actively pursuing his career as a much-respected menswear designer.   “You don’t want to get stuck in a corner,” he says, explaining why he is continually pushing the edge of design.

                                                               Gothic Traces

Right now, Wang is working on a collection for fall that is best defined as having a Goth- romantic-meets-menswear-vibe.  It is a style consciousness that flows into his accessory pieces as well, bringing them dramatically into a super-mod 2010 modern era.  

Wang is especially big on handbags.  Last October, during a highly successful truck show, Barney’s New York sold out of his spring collection completely in one day!

…AND THEN THERE IS DONNA KARAN. Donna is celebrating her 25th anniversary as a womenswear designer

and one of the most important design influences in the Fashion Industry.  Her “Forever Black” is just one collection exquisitely addressing the needs of the modern, urban woman, and making her a favorite with fashionistas worldwide.

Donna’s personal life is as fascinating as her designs.  She is particularly philosophical and is deeply into yoga, humanitarianism, and Zen, all of which are reflected in her designs, which are clean, straightforward, and refined.  She might be called the queen of minimalism, never overdoing anything.

Donna not only designs accessories, but she wears them beautifully.  We were particularly impressed with a necklace she wears made up of matte-finished stone and coal-like pieces, all geometrically cut into squares, rectangles, triangles and ovals.   The necklace is very long, black, and dramatic.  Wow!


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