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TRENDY AND NON-STOP:  So, you thought “glitz” was on the way out?  Well, think again!  Apparently, designers just love to keep us guessing on this one, because no sooner did we see a cutback on the “slam-glam,” then it is back again with gusto, this time for resort. The shine-on look is hot and heavy in everything from sequined mini skirts to gold Lurex-flecked knits, a favorite with everyone from Missoni and DKNY to Escada and Elie Tahari, and more.  Don’t miss metallic stockings, sequined little clutches, and belts with a glamorous metallic sheen plus hot-metal buckles, as well.  It’s all just great for now…and later on, for resort.

STATEMENT SWEATERS:  Luxurious textured knits are giving men’s wear a special cachet for fall of this year, so look for them in ladies’ wear, as well.  Has anything good ever been shown for the lads of the land that women haven’t jumped in to steal it?  Now, sweaters with a definite outdoorsy-look are coming on strong.  Among the top colors are forest green, rich brownish tan, deep sapphire, gray and black.  Cardigans are hot.  Turtlenecks are casually elegant.  And grey is just trendy-tops!  Also look for heavy oversized wool scarves to wrap around the neckline, adding plenty of volume and coziness to the sweaters, themselves.

CARTIER GOES HIGH TECH:  Cartier is not about to be outdone by new and modern fine jewelry houses, that’s for sure!  The long-established house – which might be called the Prince of Jewelry — is going high tech, and with the new e-commerce, is giving customers access, for the first time, to the firm’s jewelry 24 hours a day. 

      But don’t think for a minute that Cartier is abandoning its longtime iconic designs, either.  Under the brilliant tutelage of its new CEO, Emmanuel Perrin, Cartier is also launching an advertising campaign featuring its classic Tank Francaise and Santos watches, designed in 1904 and 1917, respectively.  The simple fact is that while Love Bracelets are selling well, the firm’s famous Tank watches continue to wow customers.

     As for Cartier diamonds? Well, you just know they are in super-demand both at the store and on the web.

     A number of high luxury brands have been selling on the web in recent years.  They include De Beers, Bulgari, Harry Winston, and Boucheron.  Cartier is just now entering the fray. But as CEO Perrin says, “We are coming into the game rather late, but we wanted to come into the e-world comfortably.”

     Cartier is pushing a number of top selling products this year. One is an expanded Trinity Collection, which actually dates back to 1924.  The key theme of this collection is a three-banded ring using platinum, and rose and yellow gold to symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity.   Fine watches, fragrance and eyewear are also being promoted. 




MEOW, MEOW:  Aviators are big but look out, sunglass world, cat’s-eye glasses are on a fast track up.  The hottest look is wildly retro, a Marilyn Monroe look, very dark, very glamorous.  Of course, we all know that practically nothing retro is exactly the same as it once was, and cat’s-eye sunglasses are no different.  These are bigger than their 1950s predecessors, more rounded, with a somewhat subtler shape. 

    –One dynamite pair comes from Tom Ford and, despite a pricey $360 sales tag, they are made out of faux tortoise shell.  But oh, the glamour-girl look is hot!

THE SNAKE GAME:  Snakeskin bracelets, snakeskin handbags, snakeskin shoes:  They’re all hot, trendy items right now, oozing with class and sex-appeal, both at the same time.  It’s rare, however, that something as pricey as this can be lined up by consumers on their own, especially if they live in Florida. 

   It seems that pythons – not at all native to Florida – have been illegally brought in to the state, and have been proliferating in the Everglades.  Now, that may sound good to snakeskin enthusiasts, but not to conservationists, interested in keeping local wildlife off the python dinner table. 

   So, to get rid of the python-pests, the state organized a massive public hunt-for-a-day.  The idea:  Come into the Everglades, hunt a few pythons, and help us get rid of these bothersome creatures.  And…the hunt was on.  The hunters came.  But…where were the pythons? Where were all these “proliferating” creatures?  Nobody could find any!  None.

   Clever little rascals!







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