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1. BIG COCKTAIL RINGS:  Just look at these new beauties, and are they hot!  From Roberto Cavalli comes a typically updated example of the ring we all grew up with.  This one: A slightly menacing ring featuring a resin rose encircled with a crystal-encrusted serpent.  Others on the market are not infrequently animal-oriented with colorful leopards, burning-eyed tigers.  And, here and there, a trendy spider or two. Look for plenty of gemstones and gold or gold plating in the new and glitzy rings.  Dynamite!

     —The Runners Up:  For quieter ladies, look for smaller, more delicate rings, very real-looking.                                       


2.  SUPER-GLAM WEDGE ESPADRILLES:  You can bet these high-styled footsie show-offs feature sky-high wedges, most of them cool and neutral, but others with wild wedge designs stenciled in.  Don’t go for yesterday’s espadrilles, though. These must have straps or ties or ribbon lacing, maybe even leather foot crisscrosses with ankle straps. Expect them to steal the limelight from almost any apparel worn with them.  

    —The Runners-Up: Strappy clogs.  Hey, these are just great, a subtle combination of 70s hippie style and right now straps-are-great modern. 

3.  LACY CROCHETED NECKLACES:  Another trendy hotsie!  Lace is the sexy new material for jewelry, giving a totally new and fresh look, especially attractive for summer wear.  From White Owl comes a charming example of the newest look:         A grey-toned lacey floral design hung from delicate gold chain and worn around the neck, choker-style.  The open framework of the crochet-lace adds a cool touch to the hot- weather design.              

    —The Runners-Up: Bib necklaces.  And oh, there are lots of them on the market now!  These stunning designs fill in an outfit, running from the throat to the top neckline of a dress or top.


n      Chunky yellow fashion necklace set.

n      Fashion jewelry with natural stone appearance.  Just right for summer!

4.  JAUNTY STRAW FEDORAS:  This example from firms like Hat Attack may be a little costly, but you can get the idea, anyway.  The one we’re looking at is made of  beachy tan straw with black grosgrain ribbon trim.  It’ll carry you through the next few months and deeply into Autumn.  A nice, softly turned  brim gives protection from the sun and still has plenty of tailored, feminine appeal. Delightful!

  —The Runners-Up:  Big-brimmed Southern-Belle style hats – always incredibly flattering!  Try one this year in brilliant color to be really on the IN circuit.


4.  CUTE CHARM NECKLACES:  Make your choices: a heart, a key, a little Eiffel Tower a la Tiffany’s charm bracelet. Whatever your delights, hang them from a circle pendant and drop them down from a delicate long chain.  Voila!  You’ve got the latest in fun jewelry – all very trendy, handsome, and meaningful.  That’s the beauty of charms. You can choose ones that really mean something to you, and wear them proudly, distinctively.  Who wants to look like everybody else, anyway?   

   — The Runners-Up:  Charm bracelets.  Not so different from necklaces, only these wrap around the wrist.  Some are a predetermined look:  chain bracelet, charms, all chosen and put in place.  Others let you choose.  Any way you go, the look is hot, handsome, casual, and rich.  

5.  STEAMY BRIGHT BIG BRACELET WATCHES:  It’s a look just made for summer and it keeps getting hotter and hotter.  Right now, designers are hopping on the big watch bandwagon with abandon, playing with brighter and brighter colors and fun plastic wrist wraps.  Donna Karan has a collection already on the market.  Now, Michael Kors has a fabulous foursome in electric blue, brilliant orange, neon yellow and hot pink.  The bracelets and watch faces are all the same color, almost blindingly luminous!  Slip one on for an updated, very trendy appearance!

   — The Runners-Up:  Big cuff bracelets.  Gold is the now look in real or plate. How about Pade Vavra’s terrific cuff with a hand-hammered gold look, and large rough-hewn green gemstone embellishments?  Classy.


n      Dog charm bracelet in silver plate.  Woof-woof!

n      Beaded bracelet in bright color.  Fashionable!

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