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LOS ANGELES FASHION MARKET:  Price remained a strong point at the latest fashion in Los Angeles, where casual clothes and denim sold…but carefully.  “We are finally market seeing a resurgence,” declared one exhibitor, “but if people are going to spend, they want something amazing, and worth the money.”  In accessories, draped chain necklaces were hot, especially with people who wanted to re-create Nicole Ritchie’s layered Bohemian look. In handbags, clean, classic leather pieces sold well.


The color palette here was muted.  Grey, black, olive, khaki and brown were dominant. Companies known for more vivid colors, such as Los Angeles T-shirt maker Goodlife, even toned down their colors to purple, orange, aqua and lime green.


Military motifs were strong.  So were chunky knits and athletic-inspired sportswear.  Bohemian dresses continued their up-trending movement here, along with skinny jeans and denim leggings.  Plenty of feminine tops gave an interesting look to the otherwise more severe designs. 


If anything suffered here, it was embellishment. As one exhibitor said, “We are finally seeing it fade.”  But that was not the whole story.  Internationally, embellishment is still hot, and many overseas buyers shopping this market were looking for plenty of glitz and glamour.  As an owner of a Tokyo store put it, “I still like skinny things and sparkle. We love that in Japan, and it sells well!”


                                         Huge Counterfeit Operations


COUNTERFEIT BUST:   Federal officials have broken up a multimillion-dollar counterfeit ring and charged 9 individuals with smuggling more than $33 million worth of faux Gucci, Coach, Cartier and Nike products into the United States through the Port of Baltimore. The operation apparently has ties to Baltimore, New York, London, Malaysia, and China. 

   At the same time, officials in London say they have arrested 6 individuals and seized 50,000 counterfeit Gucci, Ugg, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Adidas items.  It is one of the largest counterfeit busts in British history. 

   John Morton of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said, “Criminal organizations that smuggle and sell counterfeit goods in the United States endanger our economy and rob legitimate industries of their business.”



CLASSICS FOREVER:  Where would fashion be without the little black dress?  Well, now, Venezuelan designer Angel Sanchez is introducing a new 12-piece collection based on the classic LBD.  The line takes inspiration from People Espanol’s  “50 Most Beautiful People” issue, when Sanchez was given the job of dressing ten beauties on the tri-fold cover.  They included such luminaries as Eva Longoria-Parker and Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza.  Says Sanchez, “I wanted everyone in little black dresses to avoid competition about who looks better.”  Then, he says he thought, “Wow! This could be a nice idea for a collection, too.”









                                              Camel’s Hair is Hot


HOT MENSWEAR TREND:  Keep your eye on camel for fall, 2010!  It is a red hot commodity for men, and can be expected to rise to the same point of popularity in the womenswear market.  After all, don’t women latch on quickly to the best men have to offer?  This camel is a go-everywhere variety. Marc Jacobs shows it in a rich camel’s hair jacket while Burberry sets it out nicely in a handsome sweater worn under a camel-colored wool coat by Dunhill.  Michael Kors uses camel beautifully in a great looking heavy knit sweater, topped off with a cozy camel scarf.  Dynamite!


PRETTY LADIES, OH SO PROPER!   Gloves are coming through so strongly for fall and winter 2010 that they are truly taking the spotlight in practically every fashion show internationally.   And just look at these gloves!  Carolina Herrera has an elbow-length blue suede glove that is nothing short of dazzling.  Donna Karan shows off a lacy black long, long glove with a sexy black evening dress.  The gloves are the show stoppers.  From Versace comes shiny orange long gloves (wow! We mean up to the shoulder!).  Rodarte stayed conservative, showing tan and wine-colored leather little driver-like gloves.  Hermes echoed Versace with orange-bright gloves, this time of medium-short length.  The message:  Long, short, leather, lace, anything goes in gloves this year.  They are sizzling hot!


JEWELRY ON AN EXCLUSIVE RUN:  “We are trying to spread the word that the aesthetic comes from a place of art,” declared Ippolita, the Italian former dancer and artist who goes by just one name and who started the 10-year old New York jewelry firm by the same name.  The company expects to double its sales this year, bringing it to $70 million in sales by year end.  To do so, Ippolita is partnering with retailers on trunk shows and personal appearances, and also plans to enter top-tier retail establishments throughout Europe and Asia starting next year.


Ippolita is known for its unusual design mode, a mix of feminine and earthy characteristics.  All the pieces are hand-hammered, the stones are exclusive cuts, and even the metals are an exclusive formula aimed at producing just the right patina. 


Just two years ago, the company created a new 18 karat gold line featuring diamonds and gemstones.  It also started an Ippolita Rose line featuring a combination of gold and silver.  The two jewelry collections opened new retail distribution for the company in stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, exposing it to more serious fine-jewelry shoppers. Ippolita explained that her company is all about layering necklaces and stacking multiple bangle bracelets – in other words, creating a very personal style for the buyer. 


Ippolita said she wants to get the message out that her jewelry is an artistic product. “It doubles your appreciation for something when you know the work that goes into it,” she declared.









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