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RIGHT NOW, THE FASHION ACCESSORIES FIELD is filled with some of the most exciting new trends we’ve seen in a long time.  Practically every accessory is in the spotlight, with color and texture and patterns making them all stand out with newness and charm!  Accessories are a great way for your customers to freshen their wardrobes without putting out a lot of money on new clothing.  They can make even old outfits look like 2010!  Accessories give style and pizzazz to everything.  Hey, this is the year to exult in what you love to sell!



  1. 1.            Short Black Lace Gloves … many are fingerless, and fabulous!  They

don’t go with everything, but when they do, they’re dynamite.  Lace dresses up a simple ensemble or gives dual drama—sexy yet very lady-like—to elegant clothing choices from lunch on through evening.  Then there’s the blatant contrast excitement of the lace gloves with grunge or other atypical dressing that sends the message:  “I’m different.”


            2.         Flowers everywhere.   Start with flowers in the hair:  beautifully blooming                     asymmetrical headbands with colorful blossoms on one side.  Flowers are     

Spring’s mainstay for fabric designers who lavish them realistically or abstractly on sheers through to opaque materials, intending them for blouses, skirts, dresses, scarves, slacks.  Posies take on three dimensions as they’re featured in jewelry—statement necklaces (growing ever larger), bracelets circling the wrist in color, or a single bloom used to create a designer ring.  And glamour recaptured: look at those bloomin’ hats!  Gracious wide-brimmed ladies’ hats adorned with 3-D flowers.  Very Hollywood 1930’s!  Perfect for Easter 2010.










  1. 3.      Chandelier Earrings.  No, not a new trend, but one that’s soaring in popularity for women of all ages.  Now they may be super-tiered, with stone drops of varying sizes and brilliant colors.  There are no taboos any more.   What might have been considered strictly for eveningwear not that long ago, is now worn to work in the morning.  Rhinestones sparkle under office lighting almost as well as for nighttime fun.  And there’s always movement with chandelier earrings.  A turn of the head, and the circles or cascading chains swing as well, glistening and so flattering to the wearer!  This earring ranges in styling from classic to ultra-modern, and from southwest Indian stones/color, to middle east Indian form.  Artistic and ultra-feminine.


  1. 4.      Black Jewelry, Blackened Metals.   Unmistakable fashion trend toward dark jewelry;  faceted black glass pins are reminiscent of Victorian mourning brooches of the 19th Century.  Hematite stones apply midnight shades to necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  Stark multi-strand necklaces feature blackened chains and metal drops.  Striking!  Very smart and avant-garde.


  1. 5.      Multiples of Every Sort of Adornment.  A solitary necklace or bracelet just won’t do in today’s fashion mix.  This is another styling that has been steadily growing: more and more bangles, on both wrists, as mentioned many times before.  All materials, too:  wood bangles, gold chain, beads, etc.  Dressy pearl necklaces are flanked by different-length chain, bead, floral or silk cord necklaces.  Scarves are entwined in pairs to dramatize color and pattern.  Pins may be scattered in multiples, all highly individual designs, varying sizes and materials.  Highly individualistic fashion, very flamboyant.  Multiples rock!


  1. 6.      Belts Become Focal Points of Vogue.  You feel skinny belts are most flatting to your figure?  Fine!  The same goes for wide belts or wrap-around and –around belt designs.  Belts are basic to modern mode, some in electric bright greens and reds and yellows, others closer to traditional browns, tans and black.  Anything you choose is correct:  simple buckles or elaborately crafted, large metal closures:  part leather, part chain, stretch metal belts.  Note the return of wide waist-cinchers, cummerbunds (yes!), laced, tooled, studded, rhinestoned, what have you:  designers are open to the world of waist-accenting strips.  …Especially if they’re crafted from exotic skins – snake, alligator, ostrich, normal or patent leathers, suede.  And:  plastics galore!


  1. 7.      Scarves, Always a Mainstay of Elegant Dressing.  This winter everyone has gotten cozy with scarves.  And Spring is the perfect seasons to switch from wools and heavy knits to silks and polyesters.  Fringed scarves are hot!  Long, colorful scarves make anything look good.  Scarves are being wrapped interestingly around the neck and secured with pins, clips and brooches for a very fresh look.  Whatever you sell, suggest a scarf, too.  It makes a great gift for everyone you know, and yourself as well!














  • Fleur de Lis Ring.  Silver plate, good weight, molded split shank.  Double row        of crystals circle the center design.  Stylish way to show support for New Orleans!
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