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OH MY GOODNESS, WASN’T it all swingy and shiny and terribly American Girl pretty at the final showings in Bryant Park, New York, where Tommy Hilfiger and others put on a dynamite display of super Americana fashion.  Think USA for Spring and Fall 2010, because that’s about the best there is!


Long skinny and dark stockings gave a classic look to many fashions.  Great little plaids came through loud and clear.  Belts were paramount, especially little thin brown belts (many in that glorious South American orange-brown tannery color) with very plain but snappy metal buckles.  What a look!


Neutrals here were interesting, like a pale blue heavy knit sweater or a tan and brown printed shimmer-shiny sheath dress that looked like it was made out of exquisite snakeskin. Ohhhhh.  Very svelt.


                                           Sexy Cuffs


BRACELETS STILL HUNG IN THERE, showing they are holding onto the number one position in accessories this season.  Many were wide, sexy-looking cuffs in patterns with lots of detailing.  Some were just plain black onyx-like wide cuffs.  African-styled bracelets were seen in large bangles and wooden-like pieces, along with many Moroccan-inspired bracelets embellished with stones, glass, and other glitterworks. 


Long chandelier earrings, many with the strongest design at the bottom (i.e., earrings starting as thin chandelier drops and then cascading down in a heavier mode, often clustered), gave a gypsy-like feeling to the wardrobe. Color was big here, especially wine and green.  So was black. 








  • Large clip crystal chandelier earrings in your choice of trendy colors.


                                      The Best of America


Even with inspiration from other parts of the globe, the best designs expressed Americana classic looks with verve. Hilfiger, for example, said his collection channeled a young Katherine Hepburn, meaning soft and lean silhouettes.  There were also plenty of outfits with ivy-league preppy-ness, like A-line skirts and wonderfully rich colors like Kelly green, and navy and orange. 



                                         Ivy-League Preppy     


THESE WERE OUTFITS just meant for accessorizing!  Look at some of the fabulous pieces called forth:  big puff handbags, long skinny chains with pearl stations, a la Chanel.  Handsome rings, not too big, so that they actually look real.  Preppy watches.  Little gloves. All very refined and socially-correct, without being boring!


A creamy palette often took center stage as richer colors receded.  These exquisite “debutante colors,” as one fashion magazine called them, mainly centered on camel and light gray.  With them, a bevy of classic jewelry, much of it in the form of pearls or glass, shimmered softly and impressively.  Cashmere was the big material of choice in this category, along with familiar rich-girl woolen turtlenecks.  How can you go wrong with this kind of product?



                                  OFFBEAT BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


Even as New York glorified Americana, the shows couldn’t possibly end without a crazy fillip of flash and dark-knighthood rearing its head.  Graeme Armour slithered in with his first ever New York presentation, showing what a fashion newspaper called an “inventive, edgy, and aggressive grouping.”  Well, it was all that!


Yoko Ono, as we understand it, was the inspiration for these fashions – all very black, shiny, tricky, and stainless-steel-looking. Armor-esque?  You bet.  Sharp edges?  You bet! Leather?  You bet, but not without an unexpected bit of see-through black chiffon, as well.  Wild?  Undoubtedly!


We’ll let you name it what you will: grunge, Gothic, biker-extremist.  But if you want to scare the blazes out of somebody next Halloween, well…look here!  In the meantime, put some black metallic stuff in your accessories collections because this look isn’t going away.









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