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“All you need is love … All you need is love…                                                                                                All you need is love, love…Love is all you need.”

–Lyrics by The Beatles

WHO KNEW THE BEATLES WERE SO WISE?  IT’S TRUE:  TO BE HAPPY, WE DO NEED LOVE IN OUR LIVES, AND WE NEED TO EXPRESS IT to our nearest and dearest family and friends.  How nice to have a day dedicated to Love!   And, while we show our love in many ways year-round, Valentine’s Day has special cachet, and, along with hugs and kisses, we revel in giving and receiving love-tinged gifts… prized because they are either to or from a loved one.

While Valentine’s Day was originally intended to commemorate the Christian St. Valentine and his martyrdom, over the centuries it has evolved into a more secular holiday, a joyous one, one where you exchange heartfelt sentiment with cards and gifts.  And what is so delightful about Valentine’s Day is that it extends to all kinds of love:   lovers, of course;  but love for children, parents, friends and  relatives—ALL AGES, ALL BACKGROUNDS—EVERYONE IS INCLUDED!   Valentines are the cards of choice for this day, and can range from heady declarations of undying love to lighthearted notes of affection.  What’s especially nice is that the person giving the valentine most likely will also receive one!

Hearts, cupids, bows — Make your special someone happy

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for so long, and in so many countries around the world, that there are definite traditions:  Pink is the delightful color of the fete; add the red heart form, along with winged angelic cupids or paired love birds to create a truly amorous atmosphere.   Gifts have always been an integral part of this celebration, and originally centered on sweets such as chocolate, and simple flower bouquets.  Today many people choose a gift that will extend the sentiment long after February 14th, such as jewelry or personal accessories that themselves act as valentines, emblazoned with heart or cupid designs.


While some couples prefer a private tête-à-tête on Valentine’s Day, there’s something about this feast that prompts people to go out to neighborhood parks or venues, walk about together, holding hands and laughing, exuding the happiness that comes with conveying  love to others.   Love is in the air.  Children romp, and elders beam with having been told, and shown, how much they are treasured.  Whatever the headlines on the news, today is a day for happy smiles and closeness, feelings of belonging and contentment.

Another design popular for Valentine’s Day gifts is that of a LOCK AND KEY, meaning that the recipient of the gift has the key to your heart.   Who wouldn’t delight in receiving this from your heart’s desire?  And, as years go by, every time the item is worn, the original warm feeling surfaces once again.  So Valentine’s Day interrupts the distractions of everyday life, prompting us to pause and seriously think of those who are important to us — and then to convey our loving thoughts to them.   LOVE.  WRITE IT.  GIFT WRAP IT.  SAY IT.  Valentine’s Day traditions insure that we’ll never ever say “Oh, I wish I had told (him/her) how much I care.”


  • Cupid Pin snares Hearts!  Gold plated wings and halo.  Sweet as can be!

Somehow, one can’t help but believe that St. Valentine would enthusiastically approve of how we all celebrate his day.

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