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THEN THERE’S JEWELRY – THIS COULD BE THE DECADE FOR JEWELRY.  But for now, whatever, wherever jewelry is worn, it has to be “statement.”  (An iconic jewelry design by Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti is a sterling teardrop pendant.  Unless it was a solitaire precious stone, Tiffany’s probably wouldn’t feature something this small and subtle today..no bling at all. )

Typical of the trend toward mixing materials is a gorgeous twist bracelet, a multi-strand combine of pearls with pale peachy jade, crystal, silver and added lines of agate and – aluminum(?)!  Bet you never imagined that combo!  But it looks great.  All this wrist-enhancing creativity by Fenton.

Rings, bracelets and necklaces now not only synthesize various colors of gold and/or silver, but embody countless costly elements and “semies” and, like the Fenton bracelet, extend to everyday materials not ordinarily expected in premium accessories.

Coral Reef

And that’s not all!  Jewelry is taking on fascinating dimensions within the basic jewelry form.  Things like clusters that look like something dredged up from a coral reef, filled with wild shapes and colors! And don’t forget some classic forms that have been revised, complicated, and discovered anew.  For example, it’s not that long ago that David Yurman introduced his revolutionary mixed metals collection and now look where it has gone!  Top jewelry and watch makers like Movado take the silver/gold combination for granted and now are going off on their own remarkably unique pathways with some of the most spectacular pieces we’ve ever seen.  This is 2010 and it is thrilling!


Wild Variations

Ingenious variations are still moving shoes:  Think of Sergio Rossi’s scalloped open-work bootie with a wide river of black sequins cascading down the length of the shoe, from the outer side of the top to the open toe.  It has a dangerous-looking ultra skinny spike heel.   And Diego Dolcini’s architectural sandal is a studied mix of suede and patent leathers, highlighted with lame.  The high, chunky heel is a Bauhaus structure of wood with plastic support.

Another Surprise

A rapidly rising number of items arriving at stores today fall into the “mix things together” category.    —–And another surprise!  Cocktail hats are back, big time, in their traditional petite guise.  Added feathers, bows, studs, sparkles and veils are favorites for these mini-chapeaux, with soft textured and soft-hued bodies, bright or contrast ornamentals.  Can long-sleeved gloves be far behind?

Fedoras are still dominant, and range from svelte felt to the elaborate 3-D floral add-ons usually reserved for more traditional distaff hat shapes.

Where is this all heading?

Hold onto your hats:  designers are outmaneuvering each other, eager to bring us more of the luxe, innovative and spectacular.  If you think your taste is sophisticated now, just wait til you see what’s waiting in the wings!    Just be sure to bring your patrons along for the ride…

Here are two forward-looking numbers– with backward-looking prices:

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