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ITALIAN CLASS:  True Religion is going real glam for Spring 2010, when it unveils its latest advertising campaign.  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue regular Tori Praver and men’s hot fashion model Gabriel Aubry appear together in a sexy black and white campaign shot done at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.   An executive for the firm said the campaign illustrates the brand’s progression from a strictly hippie-inspired aesthetic to a more refined and upscale look.  “It is a lot more glam, more glitz, but not moving away from our roots,” CEO Jeff Lubell said.

Lubell noted that he thinks retailers are ready for the next trend-setting style in jeans, but with the American economy the way it is, they really don’t have the money to pay for an imported premium product.  True Religion, however, is manufactured domestically.

“It’s very hard for retailers to buy when they want today,” he said. “But we saw an opportunity to manufacture Italian-type product domestically and to be at an affordable price.”

Retail Legislation

GOOD NEWS:  The House passed a broad tax relief bill that allows retailers to write off the cost of remodeling stores in a dramatically shorter period of time.  The bill puts aside $31 billion in tax breaks for businesses and individuals.  The bill, which has the enthusiastic support of retailers, provides for a one year extension for certain leasehold improvements and sets a 15-year period for depreciation of remodeling retail stores. Without the extension, the depreciation period would revert to 39 years after December 31.

Mark Warren of the Retail Industry Leaders Association noted that “Retailers improve stores every few years, so even 15 years doesn’t match the economic life of a lot of improvements.  But,” he added, it is a significant improvement over matching the life of the building [39 years].


TARGET LAUNCHES HOT-SHOT TEMPORARY STORE:   Are we moving fast into the future or what?  Now Target has opened a futuristic temporary store in lower Manhattan, complete with a fake brick face and a sandwich board menu of great gifts for the holidays.  The great looking “country store” was designed with busy consumers in mind and allows customers to order from a menu, by number, in just minutes. Window vignettes decorated for the holidays separate products by price:  under $50, under $25, and so on. Customers then go to a fast-food restaurant-like window to pick up their purchases, all wrapped and ready for giving. Fast! Here are some of the things they can get:  fashion, beauty, toys and electronics products.  A cashmere shawl for a low $24.99, and a scented candle for $12.90.  Is this a great idea?  Dynamite!

Christie’s Auction

FOR THE CHILDREN:  Bulgari has donated more than $4 million of exclusive jewelry and watches to a special Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future Campaign that it is sponsoring along with Christie’s.  The charitable affair marks the close of the famed Roman jeweler’s 125th anniversary year.  The auction is being held in Christie’s flagship in Manhattan.

The jewelry collection has traveling a long way to New York, and has been feted by numerous celebrities anxious to support the cause.  Among other things, Save the Children is dedicated to providing education for 8 million children living in conflicted areas.

The auction consists of several pieces of “high jewelry” and timepieces.  One necklace contains 450 carats of sapphires interspersed with 70 carats of diamonds.  It retails for more than $1 million.

DID YOU KNOW?  According to Cotton Incorporated, the average woman owns eight pairs of jeans. That includes everything from Wal-Mart jeans to designer jeans, cut offs, stretch, low cut, washed, dark, you name it.  Eight pair!  And if you are wondering what this means to you, as a fashion accessory retailer, well…it means a lot.  It means you’ve got a look that you can probably accessorize for years to come!

–Think studs.  And chains.  And bangle bracelets.  Big hoop earrings.  Wild leather jackets.  Super-Americana stuff, from turquoise to brass rings.  Long necklaces.  Crosses.  Skulls.  John Hardy-looking images.  Flimsy little lace blouses for gals who want to soften the overall look. Fingerless gloves.  Backpacks. Wow!  The list goes on…

–The jeans and leather jacket company Affliction has a logo that says “Live Fast.”  Got it?  That’s the jeans directional!


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