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LOOK OUT FOR A NEW LINE OF ON-THE-EDGE CELEBRITY HIGH END JEWELRY!  The new collection comes from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have reportedly been working on the jewelry for about a year, and are now ready to take it to market, with prices starting at $525 for a silver baby spoon with a curving serpent handle…very chic, very sophisticated! This is a limited edition collection and will sell in luxury Asprey stores in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Dubai.  All net proceeds with go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

          Jolie has long been an avid jewelry lover, and Pitt has made no secret about his passion for architecture and design. The hot movie star has previously created pieces for Italian jeweler Damiani. Some of the top end pieces (those prices have yet to be determined) in the new collection include black diamond and pave rings, bracelets, earrings, men’s cuff links, and dress studs.  The serpent bracelets, however, seem to be the stand-out of the jewelry crowd. Hey, serpents, indeed! 

   –Jolie says that when she was pregnant she was given a serpent ring from Asprey and has ever since seen it as a talisman and protector for her family.  Well, don’t forget, in the East serpents have always been an intense spiritual energy sign!








                                           REPTILIAN ATTACK


LEATHER STOP.  CAN WE GET MORE OF THIS?  Looks like we can’t!  Leather just keeps getting hotter and hotter, newer and newer. Now, Giorgio Armani, the couturier master of Milan, is presenting a wild and glorious collection of skinny jackets with man-tailored slouchy men’s trousers.  He crafts some of the softest, most plaint leather you have ever, ever seen, all for the ladies very exclusive circle. These leathers are mostly in dark, brooding, but very over-the-top sophisticated colors of black, grey, and purple.

      Of course, not everybody knows how to work leather exactly right.  Some, like Armani, know how to ride the line between luxury and tough, coming off with an edgy look that is very urbane and desirable. Others come off with tiny faux leather shorts that look like panty girdles of twenty years ago, and call them outerwear.  Still more give the whole look a tough, even cheap appearance, paired with long black stockings, weird looking porno-style boots, and maybe a captain’s hat to soften the overall effect.  Oh well…

     How do you accessorize this?  Well, now, that’s the fun. Frankly, Armani rarely needs more than a simple silver bracelet and maybe a lovely deep silk scarf.  But the others?  How about long black earrings to echo the black Kohl eye makeup? Or big, colorful belts to pull in what can’t be pulled in much more.  Or fingerless biker gloves.  Or a denim Harley jacket, that suddenly looks ultra-feminine considering the company it’s in. 

     Oh…you wanna look cute?  Put a bright yellow and green beaded choker around the neck, too.  Frankly, kids will love it and, beyond the sarcasm, it does look hot!







  • Leather and faux diamonds:  what a pair!  Try these lavish CZ earrings for a magnificent look. 



                                ON THE PYTHON TRAIL      


SLITHERY STUFF:  It’s expensive.  And it’s beautiful.  So what could you expect but a lot of attention from the fashion world?  Ambrosi Abriann, the very young exotic skin accessories company, is opening its first 1,500 plus square foot store at 850 Madison Avenue in New York’s classy high rent district this month.  The emporium will feature the firm’s wild new python collection, with handbag prices running from $375 to over $62,000. 

    –And, imagine, with all those scary pythons slitering around the Florida Everglades these days, you could actually go out and bag one for yourself for nothing!



                                   STAIRCASE TO PARADISE


KATE MOSS AT MIU MIU DID UP THE LEATHER SCENE with panache recently as she frolicked and showed off her wares in Europe’s top fashion centers. Setting up the look of luxury for Spring wardrobe fare, Moss displayed a very tight fitting long sleeves. Mini skirted high-necked black leather dress all pulled tight and wrinkly, with a braided black leather belt and black leather clutch. Very dark.  Very dramatic!   Complete with black nails and a simple, pulled back hairdo, the outfit worked wonders.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that the designer lady was seen posing on one of those totally elegant black and gold staircases practically indigenous to monied Europeans.  WoW!


                                         SQUEEZABLE TOTABLES


…AND BEFORE WE END…WHAT ABOUT THOSE BIG SOFTIE BLACK LEATHER TOTES FROM CHANEL?  Are these a contradiction in terms?  The bags are huge, big enough for a two-week trek-away, but they are meant to be handbags.  They are smooth as silk, but they are leather.  They shine, but they are very, very black.  And to top it all off, they aren’t tough.  They aren’t rough.  They are sweet, feminine, ever romantic. 

   –Now, how did Chanel ever pull this one off?

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