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ISAAC MIZRAHI IS THE super-popular mass market couturier on a non-stop journey of “doing his own thing.”  This remarkable designer, who has designed for everything from Broadway revivals to Palm Beach society ladies, is just now coming off a 5 year stint at Target where he championed his landmark “Isaac Mizrahi for Target” line, and made his haute couture name a national household word. 


Now, Mizrahi is balancing his TV personality with an exciting new job as creative director of Liz Claiborne, even as he maintains his own couture line and continues to champion a personal style of constant reinvention.  He is a man to pay attention to.


Still, you might wonder….Recently joining in a tea and chat during a posh runway fashion show at the brand new Omphoy Ocean Resort in Palm Beach, Mizrahi made the startling comment:


“Less and less, I care about fashion. I care more about my own little world.”


Talking to the Palm Beach Post, Mizrahi said, “I don’t value things because they are expensive, or think that something is good just because it is expensive.”  But, he went on to explain: “I don’t know much about wine, and if it is expensive, I feel comfortable about buying.”


[Fashion accessories are much the same thing.  Who wouldn’t feel fashionably comfortable buying a $20,000 Louis Vuitton handbag?  Ahhhh, but you can get the same level of quality design and materials for a much lower price!  Top designers set the style pace that the mass market cleverly follows.]









                                           Aspirational Quality



Mizrahi talked about his time at Target, saying that there is an aspirational quality to the Target line, when a person aspires to buy something. “I must say it is very fun.”  Going on, he noted that he thinks fashion should be something proactive, adding that it is very annoying for someone to tell you that a design is to be this or that or the other thing.          

    —Mizrahi obviously, has to be his own man.  “It is very important to create a business from your own loins,” he declares.  It is difficult to create from someone else’s loins.”


Mizrahi explains that he grew up in the 80s when Grace Mirabella was editor of Vogue Magazine. She was a real thinker, he says.  “Anna Wintour who succeeded her is very visual.”  As for himself, he says that when he thinks about fashion, he thinks about a 35 year-old woman who knows who she is.  Somebody who has a brain in her head. That’s what’s sexy.

   –“I’m not dressing a kid,” he declares. “That scene that’s in Miami?  There is nothing sexy about that.  It’s obvious, vapid.”     


Perhaps the most intriguing comment from Mizrahi was this:  “I like nutty, arty people who are real.”  Once the way they dress becomes fashion, he says, well…it’s too late! It’s no longer fashionable. “The minute something becomes a commodity, I get very nervous.”


                                             Fashion As Culture


Fashion is not just a business to Mizrahi.  It is a culture.  And, as he puts it, “Sometimes in culture, when something happens, it doesn’t last.  The minute you see it, is the minute it is over.”  Is he talking about trends?  You bet.  Some last, and some don’t.  But while they are here, they’re fun, as he would put it. With all his seriousness about design Mizrahi has a sense of humor and a “realness” about fashion that helps maintain his stature as a super-star. 







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