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1.  NUMBER ONE HOLIDAY MUST-HAVE:  Glittery earrings.  Think CZs.  Rhinestones.  Shiny diamond-like chandeliers dripping with flash and beauty.  Swavoroski has an elegant pair of pave angle wing earrings just right for the holidays.  This is a real super-glamour accessory for dressing up and looking spectacular. Stay away from the wimpy size this year and go bold.  Wear outsized crystal earrings with a clean-lined red evening dress. This is THE LOOK!   



2.  STATEMENT NECKLACES:  Chunky with a handmade feel. Tribal. Lots of turquoise (The look of metal with organic-like gemstones is fabulous this year).  Black beads and stones!  Things hanging off things.  Sharp slices of plastic with dagger-like appendages.  Huge pendants, often in multiples.  Coin necklaces.  Big modern art pieces hung on a chain or cord around the neck.  Stuff that may be beautiful or just very impressive.  But big.  Often overwhelming.  Remember, these are statement necklaces and they do what their name implies:  They make a statement!  Wow, do they ever! 



3.  SPANGLY PLASTIC OR METAL BRACELETS:  Especially with an India-Indian or gypsy look.  Color adds pizzazz, in the form of little gemstones or enameling.  This is a look that stands on its own or works magic when multiplied.  You just can’t go wrong here.  Add plain bangles to decorated bangles and you’ve got a great mix.  Mrs. Michelle Obama wore a heavy, gorgeous collection of bangle bracelets up her arm for the State Dinner with the Prime Minister of India and his wife.  Wow!  Did she ever look spectacular!







  • Multicolored fabric covered bangles.  Stylish!



4. CLUTCHES IN A SPECTRUM OF COLORS:  Especially metallics!  These fabulous little evening bags go from day to night with ease; they really don’t have a limited time schedule!  You might call these the perfect answer to the new wardrobe minimalism story coming in.  They’re not too flashy, but they add the perfect amount of shine and glitter to an otherwise played down silhouette.  Another plus here:  They’re great for almost everyone, from teenager to grandma!  And they are chic!



5. A TOUCH OF GOLD: This is the perfect subtle accessory for rich-girl dressing and party night glamour. Gold pendants on a gold chain are charming, like a gold locket or gold key.  Gold bracelets are hot, especially gold cuffs.  Gold chain is sizzling.  While gold doesn’t play the heavy, multiples game of silver right now, a touch of it is powerful.  Nothing quite equals the status and beauty of gold. Can’t find the gold you want?  Try brass!  It gives a more casual look, but one that is also edgy.



6. CHAINS – ANY SIZE, ANY STYLE: Chains are HOT!  Weave a neon ribbon through a tough chain necklace and you’ve got a whole new look.  Lay on a heavy hardware chain for a really cool biker ensemble.  Chains at the waist have a 70s retro look, reminiscent of the late great Yves Saint Laurent.  Delicate little chains, worn alone or with small little pendants are romantic, lovely.  Chains worn in multiples, the more the merrier, are so IN you might almost overlook them. More is more!  Pile them on!  Chains complement clothes without competing with them. You can wear them alone or wear them with everything and anything.  They even accessorize accessories! Oh…and don’t overlook the chain strap bag.  That’s another hottie this season…








7.  MAD HATTERS:  What’s really hot here now?  A cozy little cap worn with a big colorful, glittery brooch pinned on the side.  Offbeat and very, very sophisticated! What’s more, put them together for a natural double sale that will please everybody…   If you happened to watch the big Macy’s Parade TV spectacular welcoming Santa to town this year, you will have seen the new cap/brooch look. It took quiet yet prominent place in a number of on-camera celebrity show-offs.

    Just remember: Hats are a big number this year.  All kinds of hats.  Fedoras are very jaunty. Floppy hats bespeak a flower girl style of demure sex appeal.  A bucket hat that you can dress up or down is dynamite. Wear it plain for casual living, or dress it up with a scarf tied around the band-line.  Wow!  This is a great product for innovation…use your own creativity to create a very distinctive style.

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