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BLOGGERS CAN SWAY SHOPPERS as effectively – or even more effectively – as celebrities,” contends Syl Tang, trend tracker and expert in the new social media world of fashion.  People like to read well written blogs and, what’s more, they pay attention to what is being said. 


Major companies know this intimately.  Most employ professional writers to get the word out on their products, and apparently the technique works.  They’ve been able to increase sales, reduce the time span formerly necessary to get a new collection brand known, and generally improve their overall image with the public. 


It’s called the Social Media, and you might say it is taking over our world!  It involves tweeting, blogging, and a number of other high-profile computer systems aimed at connecting you and others to the world.  Literally. 


                                          Twitter and Facebook


You may not know how to do it yet, but you surely have heard about it everywhere you turn.  Marketing wizards are certain to inform you of the presence of the Social Media more and more as time goes by.  Facebook, for instance, is just one of these high powered web sites flashing out special information on companies and designers (and individuals!) on a 24/7 basis.  It is non-stop communication.  Talk-a-thons.

   –Not only can you read about a particular designer, let’s say, but you can offer feedback on designs, service, and a bevy of other business matters.   When has the public ever had such recognition? It is social power.



  • Dangle earrings with black stone chips







Sometimes the marketing hoopla gets mixed up, and that can be even better.  For example, Demi Moore tweeted a picture of herself wearing a feathered dress designed by Prabal Gurung, who she described as “a wonderful young designer to look out for.”


Wow!  Gurung’s web site immediately experienced a doubling of traffic, along with his Twitter followers and his Facebook fan page.  That’s big time exposure!  As Gurung says, “When a celebrity like Demi compliments me directly via Twitter, it changes the whole perception and attracts a different kind of audience.”


                                                  Learning Process


SO THE FASHION WORLD is finding out.  It moves people.  It ups sales.  But, and this is still a problem, nobody is exactly sure yet how to use this phenomenal marketing machine to its best advantage.  Tang explains that major companies are already pretty sophisticated about the whole process and are turning to it more and more.  But smaller firms are still in the learning process.


Brands, however, are keying in on the Social Media in a whole new way.  E-mail blasts and online advertising are two big communications/marketing tools that are being cut back by firms in favor of going the Social Media route.  Whether or not it is a smart move has yet to be determined.










Tang says that firms are trying anything local, trackable, or that would turn into actual sales.  They’ve also found that influencing consumers through the Social Media has long term benefits as well as immediate sales impact.


Are you skeptical?  Well, be careful! Rachel Roy, Cynthia Rowley, and Oscar de la Renta are just a few of the high profile celebrities cashing in on Social Media marketing.  There are more.  Many, many more! 


To really understand it, get on your computer and start surfing.  Learn about this mass marketing magic spreading its broadcast wand over the fashion world. It’s exciting.  It’s also the new wave, and you’ll do yourself a favor if you get to know it! 

–Hey, in case you didn’t know it, you’ve just read a blog on the Social Media highway.

So you already know more than you think! 

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