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Ideas for Jewelry & Accessory Businesses
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Cooperative Selling:  Find a retailer geographically close to you who would be interested in teaming up with you on product display and sale.  Choose someone whose store carries related but not competitive products, such as small electronics or T-Shirts, or even great looking new-style shoes. Bridal shops are very effective here. So are baby goods stores.

 The idea is:  He puts a few of your products in his window, and you do the same with his. You then cross-refer prospective customers.  It’s also a good idea to keep some of each store’s business cards available.     


Christmas Excitement:  Right now, people are coming into your store to buy Christmas gifts, so why not display your products with as much holiday excitement as possible?  That means showing off a necklace, for example, on a red velvet swatch of material, and adding a pine cone or branch. You might drape a bracelet over a Christmas angel.  Or scatter artificial snow over a display case of earrings.  Adding extra lights is always a good idea.  So is putting a statue of Santa Claus in the middle of a scarf or hat collection. 

   –Hey, this is Christmas!  Let’s give some Jingle Bells verve to the store!  


Gift Corner:  This can be a dynamite merchandising tool if used in a smart way.  Choose a product category and set it up for special viewing.  By giving the product extra importance you’ll also excite extra attention to it. Giving the display a theme is also a good sales aide, especially if you are proposing the product as a gift item.  You might refer to the products in a sales-oriented fashion, like: “Hot, Popular Jewelry for Teenagers.” Or, “A Gift Moms Will Adore!”









Man The Entrance:  Everybody wants to be noticed and that’s something to remember when you are trying to get customers into your store.  Putting someone at the door who will greet people as they pass by, and offer a few friendly words to them is an enticement few can ignore.  Major department stores know this well, and they often have greeters at the door, along with spray perfume and discount cards for that-day buying.  Its helps kick up sales, and the public loves it!


Play To Your Audience:  Do you have a clear idea of who your buyer is?  If he or she is aged from teens into the twenties, make sure you add a bit of edginess to your décor.  Play some hot rock music.  If possible, have some young people working for you.  Learn to talk young.  Get functional and funky, with nerd expressions and storied (Gothic, Romantic) product displays.  If moms make up the majority of your buying audience, emphasize the family.  And then show how your products fit the person’s needs and wants.  Once you get into it, it really gets easy.  And, it helps sell product!


Upgrade the Product:  How, you might ask, can you do this?  Just pick up a catalog of packaging and you’ll see immediately.  Putting a necklace, or earrings, or a bracelet into a handsome box makes them look especially good.  Having pretty personalized paper bags to carry purchased items is also a class idea. 


Move Inventory:  OK.  So, business has been down, the recession is hitting you hard, and you’re backed up with inventory that seems to be going nowhere.  What can you do? 

Put this word indelibly in your mind:  Refresh!  Find a way to make standing merchandise look brand new and exciting.  Get out the product you have in the back room and display it as if it arrived yesterday.  Combine old products with new products. 

Add a zing of color to everything, in the form of display cloths and ribbons. 

   Put up little signs that tell the customer how great the product is.  Like:  “Silver:  It’s hot, and Trendy!”  “Brooches Are Celebrities’ First Choice for Romantic Evenings.”  “Cozy Hats Are Hot, Bohemian, and Edgy.”








Offer Discounts:  Of course you can always offer ten percent off a product purchased that day.  But another way of using discounts is to build for later sales by offering a special ten or twenty percent discount on the person’s next purchase.  Or, offering two-fers.  Buy one bracelet and get the second at half price.  

   You can also use this technique to build a successful mailing list.  You offer a special discount to anyone signing up for membership in your store’s “club.”  You send or e-mail the individual periodic sales information or news about a special accessories collection you are introducing.  This also gives the product an aura of exclusivity that makes it particularly attractive.

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