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Christmas is coming and with it, all the excitement and thrills the season can bring.  But this year could be a rough one for retailers.  The economy is bumpy and nobody really expects Christmas sales to be brisk.  Of course, one good thing in a grey outlook:  Fashion Accessories are among the few top product categories riding a somewhat high road.  Choose the right items to sell, and chances are you’ll come through this period feeling pretty good.


But…what about your store, your image, your Christmas?  We all know you have to decorate the store for Christmas if you want to rev up your customers to come in and buy.  How do you do that on a budget?  It’s not all that difficult.  To start with, think red.  Plenty of it.  Santa Claus red, to be exact. 


You can put up a big poster or portrait of Santa Claus and voila!  You’re in the season!  You can also buy a half dozen or more of fairly large poinsettias, and put them around the store.  They look great, and cost very little!  Christmas wreaths are almost essential for this time of year.  And scented Christmas candles will transform your store into a holiday haven in seconds!!


Don’t forget that your products often make the best Christmas decorations!  Consider a bright green clutch handbag alongside a red scarf.  Or, a collection of cozy winter hats put out on a counter surrounded with pine branches (you can often get them free at your local Christmas Tree outlet).







  • Nativity scene tie with manger and Star of Bethlehem


                                               Sights and Sounds


If you sell toys, by all means use them to set the Christmas mood.  You can also purchase an inexpensive set of toy trains and set one up in the store.  What is more fun, more reminiscent of Christmases gone by than the sounds and sight of a train running its tracks?


And, don’t forget the power of sound.  Get some good Christmas music and play it 24/7, or however long you’re open for business.  Depending on your customer base, you can choose very specific music, too.  Spiritual Christmas chants are great for a more sophisticated, classical music-type market. 


It’s always a good idea to be available to your customers for special help and service.  You might put up a chair, and hang a fun sign above it saying something like, “Christmas Gift Consultations.”  Set a time each day when customers can come in and get personalized help in choosing gifts for their families and friends.  This is a terrific sales booster.  People often don’t know what to buy, and they will feel happier and more confident in a gift backed by your advice. 


                                             A Time to Give


Giving something away is a tradition for this time of year.  Having hot cocoa or cider available for customers has been a wonderful idea for many retailers.  Just offer each person who comes into the store a small cup, and watch his or her eyes light up!  A small piece of candy will go even further with children.


And, talking about children…oh, this is an area of endless possibilities.  But for just one starter idea:  Consider setting aside a Saturday morning for a story-telling Christmas session.  Invite customers to bring in their little ones for an hour or so.  You can buy wonderful Christmas books at your local bookstore, and read one of the stories to the youngsters. Be sure to make it interactive: Ask the children how they feel about what is going on in the story as you go along.  You’ll surely have as much fun as the kids, if not more. 

    –Don’t fail to have a display of children’s accessories that the parents and grandparents of the youngsters can look at. 



  • Small to medium tiara combs – wonderful for little girls!






                             …Stay tuned to our blog.  We’ll have plenty of Christmas ideas coming up…!

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