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MORE WOMEN ARE TRAVELING and it’s affecting business in airports.  Especially fashion business!  More and more apparel and accessories shops are opening in airport malls, where the sales activity is brisk and the recession is almost absent.  Not a bad combination in today’s world, hmmmm?

One major fashion firm gearing up for a big airport entry is Juicy Couture.  The company says it will open its first “travel” boutiques in four super-sized airports:  In Miami International Airport’s American Airlines terminal in December; In British Airway’s terminal at New York’s J.F.Kennedy International Airport in January, in the Taiwan Tao Yuan International Airport’s terminal II in February and in the Athens Airport Duty Free Area later this spring.  

Many of the stores will open in conjunction with new retail and distribution partnerships, and all are part of a wide scale plan to turn the brand into a multi-billion-dollar business.







                                                          Global Expansion

 This is a major, exciting, global expansion plan by the hot and trendy young women’s apparel and accessories operation and it will be interesting to see how it impacts other fashion firms looking to get in on the fast-moving international travel trade.  Fly and buy?  It looks like that’s the new idea for career women everywhere!    

Right now, the retail world is rife with ideas on how to improve business, hike up sales, and plan for a future where business will be better than it is at present, and where there will be, for many, less competition to deal with.  There are a lot of innovative projects out there, and it is exciting to see the varied and creative directions they are going off in 

Even well known brand products are being repackaged and repositioned.  Juicy Couture is one of those brands. Juicy has been selling well despite the recession.  But that’s apparently not good enough for top management.   Right now, the corporate vision is to expand Juicy’s product mix, enter new markets, and dramatically multiply sales.  The big airport expansion project is a major part of that initiative.

Let’s take a closer look:


                               The Airport Project:  A Case History

JUICY WANTED A NEW SITE for its boutiques, one that would promise lots of female foot traffic.  And not just women:  but, specifically, the kind of woman who appreciates and buys the quality fashion clothing and accessories Juicy sells.    And where did they find this?  In airports!   Airports with international travel located in the U.S. and globally. 

WHY ARE AIRPORTS SO RIGHT?  Because a new class of American Woman is emerging on the global scene.   She’s a corporate executive.  She travels a lot for business.  And she’s very style conscious.  Chances are she’s married, with youngish children.  And although she is often pressed for time, the one place where she is often forced to sit and patiently wait is the airport.  So she’ll have plenty of time to browse Juicy wares for herself as well as shop for fun gifts for her family.  This is who Juicy is targeting, big time.

   –This is a perfect example of going where the customers are, putting your products right smack in their line of vision, and making it easy for them to shop to their heart’s content. 

Someone at Juicy Couture deserves kudos for creative promotional thinking to hit upon airports as perfect shopper meccas.  It will be interesting to follow Juicy’s success with this “traveling woman” venture over the next few years.    A co-founder of Juicy Couture sums it up: “This is a very big business opportunity for us.”


                                               What They’ll Sell

The Juicy travel boutiques will feature specialty items, like message T-shirts promoting each airport city and articles that would be helpful for a woman on the go.   Juicy will also be featured on board planes in airline catalogues.  The firm’s jewelry was already featured in United Airlines October catalogue, and watches will be the subject of more exposure in catalogues for Cathay Pacific and Dragonair. Posters at key locations in the airports themselves will further promote the Juicy message.   Nobody will miss the fact that Juicy is right there, offering the right mix of goods.                                                     

The new airport store plan isn’t without a distinctive design profile, as well.  Among other things, specialty display space has been set aside for last-minute travel-related gift items, such as jewelry, sunglasses, watches, charms, logo T-shirts, and a variety of baby goods from socks to bibs. 









                                          Pink Suit of Armor?

The stores are also designed to entertain shoppers with a bevy of decorative items.  For example, there is a life-size pink painted suit of armor in the Miami airport store – it’s just one of many things chosen to make shopper smile as they shop.  The stores will vary in size from about 200 square feet to full size store boutiques.

“People have a lot of time to kill in airports,” a Juicy executive commented.  “This is the perfect fit for Juicy and something I’ve wanted to see happen for a very long time.”

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