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A CORNUCOPIA OF EXCITING NEW LOOKS is emerging from the fashion centers of the world.  Pay attention to them because they will seriously affect fashion accessories – both the products and the ways they are worn – as we move into Spring 2010.  These new looks leave nothing out.  They are total, to say the least, running from new hair styles and vibrant accessories all the way down to sexy Loubouton-styled shoes with their straps, heels and platform mania.  Even the more countrified looks here have an edge.  A certain “something” that sets them apart.  They are compelling, intense, and very NOW.


Here’s a preview of some of these great ideas:


                                  PORCELAIN DOLLS ALL IN A ROW.


THESE ARE REALLY LITTLE GIRL LOOKS, very feminine, yet very structured, take-offs of Barbie Dolls, Alice in Wonderland, and even Peter Pan.  Colors are bright.  Lipsticks run from not-there-at-all to deep pursed cutsie looks.  These looks rely heavily on bows.  Pretty bows.  Nice stripes.  Sometimes very big hairdos.  Eye makeup is also strong, pulling your attention to the face and neck. 

   –Little stuff prevails in this fantasy world.  Tight short skirts and shorts.  Tiny socks. But big isn’t absent either. Big clothes.  Big jewelry.  Mix it up!


THE WONDERFUL DOLL LOOK ALSO goes global this year, so look for portraits of extraordinary Oriental Geisha dolls, white faced, powdered and wigged.  Or Russian dolls, all arrayed in fabulous velvets, satins, laces, and bejeweled outerwear.  Colors here are deep, almost foreboding, dark winter elaborate, but Romanoff-exquisite.


   Some of these hot images rise out of Hollywood magic, from the soon-to-be released Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to animated films like Pixars’ Cloudy With a Chance.  These flicks are stirring up a lot of thrills throughout the fashion field, and are working as fun source material even for the fashion runways of such top couturiers as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and lots more.








                                IMAGES OF PROVENCE: 


AS THE HOT SUMMER SUN sizzles over the French countryside, another, quieter but no less riveting look will emerge.  Colors here are sunbaked, light washed.  Straw and grain-like.  Skin is only lightly tanned, shiny.  This is mostly a casual look, countrified. Nothing is too ornate.  Think big summer hats to protect against the sun.  Belts to pull in gossamer dress fabrics.  Little clutch bags that are easy to carry.  Scarves wrapped in interesting ways around the head.  Country girl charm, a la Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collections. Artsy looks, timeless.  Brilliant Van Gogh sunflowers.   


   GOLD STREAKS IN HAIR and on fabrics are big in this story.  Flowers also play an important part.  Think Claude Monet and his gentle, delicate water lilies. The colors here are all very soft, with only an occasional flash of brightness (like orange or green) to momentarily break into the sunlight, and then be gone. Think also about the hotlands, the sandy lands, red and orange sunsets sizzling across the horizon, with maybe a cool breeze or shower following it up.  Long, lazy, sumptuous days of summer/








                                                  HEALTH KICK


NATURALLY FOLLOWING UP THE SUN-BLEACHED countryside look of languid summer days comes another clean, well washed fashion look, this one all natural, with herbal intelligence and earth-sensitive green expressions giving it balance and power.   This is not an indolent, lazy-day look however. 

         It is a strong health story, full of action, attitude, and emotion.

This is also super-athletic, speaking of all kinds of action endeavors from basketball courts to karate, from bungee jumping to cheerleading, football playing, sailing, skiing, and kayaking down the Amazon. No laid-back quiet damsels here! 


THE BIG COLORS for this fashion story often reflect the tonal statements of top athletic companies, like Nike grey and blue. Colors also run from bright reds and yellows to more sophisticated sportswear tones of purple, tan, and, of course, green.  Stripes go well here, along with a little black and white.  Ties and strings holding things together make for a look all by themselves. 

   Pony tail holders are important.  So are long skinny scarves wrapped around the neck and hanging down the sides. Or little neck ties. Easy to wear bright bracelets give an easy richness to most outfits. .  Little swingy earrings are often very good

looking, but keep them strictly for after-sport workouts.

   You’ll find lots of satiny, shiny materials here, not unlike Olympic bathing suits. And hair?  It’s usually simple, pulled back.  Most accessories are designed to run close to the body; too much hanging down and shaking only gets in the way of movement.  That should come from the body itself.

   Color, we can’t emphasize too much, gives a lot of the high fashion momentum to this look. Other great additions are little belts, and tote bags that can carry all your sports gear.  And, of course, sunglasses.  Hot.  Italian.  Edgy.  Wow!  That’s the idea!

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