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Big, black, beautiful:  New Sunglasses have a sexy Cannes mystique to them as they give men and women alike a rich, dolce vita appearance.  This is sophistication at its best.  No matter what you look like, put on a pair of the newest shades and you’ll walk out looking better. Look at John Galliano’s Icon Collection of sunglasses, including his sexy “Les Bitches” wrap shade with temples designed after the honeycomb fans used by flamenco dancers: they take over an outfit but, at the same time, give the whole appearance real class.


ANIMAL PRINTS are marking their territory all over the accessories field.  Colette Malouf”s goose and pheasant feather hair comb is a real knockout, especially for gals with longer hair.  Leopard prints are also hot on shoes, handbags, and anywhere else designers can think to put them.  Pairing up with leopard for a real jungle melee are zebra and tiger skin patterns, used on bracelets, handbags, and you name it.  These are all very assertive prints, just as the animals they take after.  Add them to an accessory and the product really takes off!


MOVING THROUGH THE JUNGLE and even into swampy territories, we come across the really hot sizzlers of the fashion accessories industry now:  Snakeskin.  Is there anything that hasn’t been enlivened by the incredible iridescent colors of these often-silent but deadly predators?  Snakeskin is phenomenally popular.  Lelya’s water snake bag is just one example of the shimmering beauty of products made with this material. Also think about snakeskin-tooled smooth leathers.  Equal beauty!

   —And, don’t miss Adriana Castro’s python and horn clutch which is a real winner.  But this kind of snake isn’t always a good thing to play around with.  Just a couple of years ago, there were no pythons in the Florida Everglades.  Today, in what is like a snap of the fingers in global change time, there are an estimated 100,000 of them, living right up against residential areas.  Eeeeeks.








                                      Clustered Stones


Combining metals and gemstones in a rich, heavy cluster often makes for wildly beautiful bracelets, necklaces or earrings.  This goes a long way beyond simple mixed metals!  Think about Emily & Ashley’s semiprecious stone, glass, crystal, silk and organza necklace.  Done in the colors of autumn, this necklace features big bunches of floral-like gems wrapped in and around each other for a really dynamic, rich look.

SHIMMER AND SHINE make their way through the new accessories field as well.  Think about light reflecting gold and silver mesh handbags – especially clutch bags –fabulous satiny scarves with India-Indian-like gold threads shot through them, gemstone-brilliant crystals adhered to materials to make parts stand out with glitz and appeal.  Look for workmanship on top of workmanship.  Shine with more shine.  Nothing is simple, it seems.  With the exception of a fringe minimalist movement, a major part of the fashion world is right now very ornate and expensive looking!


Belts are IN and getting more popular on a daily basis!  Most of these trendy gorgeous cinchers are done in leather and have hot embellishments on them, such as studs and metal design features.  Buckles are often not quite as large as they have been in the past, but they are prominent:  jewel-like buckles and closures that stand out like pieces of jewelry, themselves. 

     Woven leather and metal are both big in belts right now.  Gold metal belts are very popular!  Antiqued appearances are a growing directional.  Fendi offers a great looking leather belt with turquoise and silver buckle.  Rey Augousti has a stunning green-grey python belt with gold and snakeskin buckle on the market.  Most of the belts are thin, skinny pieces, yet lavish in their own right.


                                                Flea Market Fashion


Leave it to New York City, home of the status-minded, to come up with a Second Avenoo-like lifestyle that would thrill Diva Streisand to the core!  As part of the trendy look:  very worn-in boots (can you imagine?) big, beat-up leather totes, and denim that looks like it won’t make it to the corner. A Vintage America Collection from Nine West leads this new “homeless” fashion expression, splattering pieces of it all over the neighborhood. 









SKINNY LITTLE CORDS in soft material or super-flexible metal, mostly in black, are going great guns in many different parts of the fashion field.  See them especially in Goth outfits, but keep an open mind!  They are showing up even in classic design expressions.           

The idea is to wrap a black cord around the wrist several times (or at least, make it look like that) and then hang one or two tiny stones off it for finish. Another idea involves tying dark cord onto the wrist.  Or dropping thin slivers of cording from around the neck, adding on a few gemstones for pizzazz.

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