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WATCH OUT BAD GUYS!   It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Superman! And this year, the American master-crimestopper of DC Comics fame is marking his 75th anniversary with a Christmas celebration by Bloomingdales in stores around the country.  Bloomingdales is partnering with Warner Brothers Consumer Products with a special collection of merchandise to highlight the big anniversary.


“We started working on this several months ago,” Kevin Harter, vice president of fashion direction at Bloomies says.  “So we went to our designers and partners and asked them to come up with merchandise.” 


The exposition has already started in most Bloomingdales’ stores, and the windows of the New York 59th Street’s flagship will highlight the collection beginning early November.  The products, centered mainly on men’s and children’s items, include Ts and hoodies, bags, ties, scarves, and a bevy of other fun, Superman-oriented things. 


So far, the promotion has gone so well that “We’re already reordering,” Harter says. Among the DC Comics most widely known Superman characters are Superman himself, Wonder Woman, and Batman.  No one superhero is outselling the other. 



Pick out a number of fun accessories; show them off with a handful of Superman comics, and Voila!  You’re in on the anniversary special, too!













MILAN MAKES COMEBACK STATEMENT:  Exports to major countries such as Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Japan continued to drag down Italian leather and accessory goods sales in the first half of the year, and industry observers say they don’t expect any major improvement before the end of 2010.  Still, there was an air of undaunted optimism at the big Mipel exposition in Milan last week, as exhibitors put forth collections filled with innovation and creativity.  Styles tended to be practical, rather than dramatic, with one manufacturer explaining that customers are turned off by too much craziness these days.


Major trends included roomy, deconstructed designs and embellishments such as studs, sequins, embroideries, and fringe.  Natural materials, such as hemp and raffia, were important. Faux snakeskin, often washed, and perforated open work calfskin received a good deal of attention.  Alexandra Gucci put forth an interesting handbag collection, including a silky python bag with napa leather in powdery sky blue.


Color received a lot of attention at the Show.  Pop colors were hot, especially metallic blue, fuchsia, and pink.  Feminine styles were also apparent at the show, along with stonewashed denim items and heart symbols.




PINPOINTING PARIS:  Here’s some more fashion breaking news from the City of Light.  Pleats are IN.  Very IN.  We’re talking about all sorts of pleats, tight and Scottish to flouncy and Gallic, all expressed in short to very short skirts, with updated, if not wild, wardrobe accoutrements.


From Chanel comes a little ladylike black dress, naturally short skirted, with a faux-pleat material pattern, worn with black enameled bangle bracelets running half way up the arm.  Also part of the story is a little black wrist bag.  Very demure. 


Hermes centers his attention on a tennis-like outfit in pale grey, with short pleated skirt and blousy shirt top.  With it:  A wide head band, a small white pearl necklace wrapped around the neck,  a smallish handle bag, and big silver bracelets, one with those very IN spikes.  







GOD’S COUNTRY:  If you’re going to promote cold weather gear, what better place to focus on than Mount Everest, high in the Himalayas, and known for its monastic caves, frigid weather, and off-beat mountaineers?  The company involved is Hanesbrands, and it is making its top-of-the-world bid to put special spotlight on its athletic Champion and Duofold brands. 


The company will finance and outfit a special expedition to scale Mount Everest in an attempt to leverage its history and expertise. The ascent will begin in the Spring and will involve a team equipped with special gear incorporating new fabric and design technology meant to withstand high altitudes and frigid temperatures.


To add to the excitement, consumers will be able to monitor the team’s progress by way of video and audio updates on the Website, ClimbEverestWithUs.com.  Jamie Clark, who has already made three attempts at Everest, will lead the team. 

   —Retailers interested in getting in on the action – and hopefully selling some mountain climbing accessories themselves –might consider bringing in TV monitors so consumers can watch the team from inside the store.

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