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ACCESSORIES ARE ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN GLORY IN PARIS! As designers paraded their newest wares for Spring 2010, it became strongly apparent that accessories are giving much of the spice and thrill to outfits this year, adding design interest, often wild color, and no small amount of unexpected visual intrigue.

Little handbags swinging from chain; shoes that often reach up to the calf, with straps and embellishment gone crazy; handbags of almost every type; bracelets galore; and statement necklaces that are often shocking and elaborate: these were just some of the accessory fantasia visited again and again on Paris runways. 

Shine is also a major design feature in many of the accessory pieces this year. From VBH, for example, a classy medium sized grey blue handbag gave an updated Grace Kelly look to everything it was shown with. 

Big silver bracelets were likewise brash and demanded attention. Several cuffs together on one arm was not unusual.  Stripes and geometrics in strong colors graced many shoes, like bright blue and vivid pink on black. Or brown, blue, yellow and tan stripes on a super-high heeled shoe and matching clutch handbag.  


                                               Vibrant Season

PARIS IS HOT ON ENERGY THIS SEASON, expressing it most obviously in the color orange, which was splashed all over accessories.  In some instances, orange was pure and stood alone, as in a pair of modernistic swirly circle earrings in bright coral orange.  In other cases, orange was tempered by incorporation into prints used on handbags and shoes. 

Orange is also important in bracelets and necklaces, very often as coral beads or enameling.  Longchamp is offering a paint-splashed print handbag with spicy patches of orange which is a good example of the direction.  Eddie Borgo has designed a very Egyptian-looking wide choker with orange gemstones.








Crystals embellish almost everything in design collections this season, but in a delicate way. Look at all the charming little gossamer fashions with crystals sprinkled here and there across the bodice.  Or pay attention to a particularly feminine necklace of delicate beading and crystals by Swarovski. The gentle designs we’re talking about are in direct contrast to the often huge, chunky statement necklaces also making waves in the City of Light.


                                         Who You Calling A Sissy?

Tough is a look, a design, and attitude, and it is all the rage in Paris now.  Incorporating bits and pieces of Biker, Gothic, even Bondage, Tough nevertheless stands alone in its final presentation.  Think Dark colors. Studs.  Rough-rider lines. Chunky statements.  Imagine very big silver chain necklaces that look like heavy pieces of hardware. Or, leather cuffs that appear unfinished, with strips and slithers of leather hanging off. 

Heavy construction images run rampant this year. Keys are also a hot theme, often in strong abundance dangling down from a jeans fob, like lesbians in Greenwich Village might wear. Tiffany has a great collection of key pendants you can choose from, if your budget is super-generous.

And don’t forget the spiky stuff!  Necklaces with spikes hanging off make all of this jewelry good for Halloween!  Bracelets caught up with spikes. Spiky earrings, very hard,    gruesome and dangerous. Looking for a murder weapon, anyone?


                                     Cascading Look


LONG DROP EARRINGS made a forceful fashion statement in several top fashion cities this season, especially when made up of dark in-line two-dimensional graduated discs touching down below the shoulder.  Very swingy, attention-getting.  Crystals were big here, too, as elsewhere in the fashion and accessory wardrobe.  Vintage rhinestones also made their way onto the runways, adding additional sparkle and shine, even to denim outfits. 

Long skinny scarves are the rage, everywhere, with everything!  For winter, they tend to be wool, solid color, dark.  For spring, they pick up on designer Karl Lagerfeld’s Country Girl look, with pretty posie prints splashed all over long, very thin scarves that wrap around the neck several times before cascading down to the waist, hips, or even knees.  Colors are bright.  Happy. 


For cooler climes, the look is cozier, with scarves wrapped high around the neck, numerous times. Little square scarves are also getting a lot of attention.  These are both solid and printed, and are not unlike the American West cowboy neckerchiefs that come in and out of fashion periodically.  In both scarf scenarios, pay attention to graphic prints that are very artsy and sophisticated.








  • Fashion scarves with floral pattern.  Trendy and stunning!
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