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It’s Halloween and that can be scary…but don’t make it too scary, you don’t want to be a statistic!  Why not consider replacing that fun but dangerous habit of Trick or Treating with a Halloween Party for your kids…or your store?  A ghostly party is always fun, and the danger can be kept under careful control! 


Where to start?  Well, how about a Ghost Butler?  Let somebody man the door, all he needs is a white sheet over his head and cut outs for eyes.  Easy!  Add a recording of horrible sounds to give character to the entrance and you’re ready to go. 


All the people in your house or store should have on a costume.  And, of course, a mask!  See to it that the kids are dressed up, too.  You can make up a great party game by having each person explain his or her costume and why it should win first prize.  Just be sure you have follow-up prizes in large enough supply so each youngster can win for something.  “Ghoulish Best.”  “First in the Cemetery.”  “Vampire’s Choice.” 


You might also want to theme your Halloween costume party to something like “Vampires and their Damsels.”  Or, “Little Devils.” Or, “Witches and Warlocks.”


Food?  Well, it just has to be pizza.  Find out about Halloween specials at your local store.  Treats can be homemade, or bought.  My mom used to make devil’s food cupcakes and frost them with orange icing on one side, black on the other.  Quick and easy!  Or stop at your local candy store and get some Halloween goodies like spider webs, skulls, and other delicious fare.  Sprinkle them on cakes and ice cream.  Be generous with some green or blood red soda. And then, decorate the table with some fun plastic spiders from the party supply store.


Horror films from Blockbusters will make your party a hottie.  Just jazz it all up a bit by having the lights go out from time to time, or some screams and groans echo across the party room.  Keep it all light, and fun.  Who has the most horrible scream?  Who can cast the best spell?  Ohhhhh, this can get wild!


Before ending for the day or evening, give each party-goer a bag of Halloween treats to bring home.  And with that in hand, who cares about Trick or Treat-ing anyway? 

Happy Halloween!








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RING-RING:  Georgio Armani has just unveiled his third phone for the giant electronics firm, Samsung, with Microsoft Windows 6.5 software, and is it ever Smart.  Wow!  Ringing in at a modest $1,029 or 700 euros, the Armani Samsung Smart phone features a 3.5-inch Ultra Brilliant AMOLED touch screen and Qwerty keyboard as well as always-on connectivity tools, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera, radio, music, and video player, 8 gigabyte internal memory and an extendable microSD slot up to 32 GB. “Elegant dressing is part of daily business life,” Armani says. Elegant accessories are also becoming more and more a part of the daily fashion world, as well.


VUITTON FOR CHARITY: “People say we don’t do anything, but we do a lot,” declared Naomi Campbell, in launching a new handbag from Louis Vuitton for her latest charity, the White Ribbon Alliance.  The organization is dedicated to reducing the amount of maternal mortality in the world. The bag has yet to be given a proper name, but its current price tag is 1,900 euros or $2,789American.

   –Campbell has been modeling for Marc Jacobs since she was 16.   She is presently a global ambassador for the Alliance, which lobbies world leaders to provide safe motherhood practices.  The new Vuitton bag is quiet and versatile, with a soft square style and a coveted Marc Jacobs label. 


SNL AT BARNEYS NY: The theme of the 2009 Christmas holiday windows at Barney’s New York is Have a Witty Holiday. The fabulous collection of windows depicts memorable Saturday Night Live moments covering more than 3 decades of laughs and talented, hilarious people.  “We are deemphasizing flagrant luxury and reemphasizing fun,” declared creative director Simon Doonan.  The same holds true for the firm’s holiday catalog, where prices start at “highly approachable” and go up to “typical Barneys.”  For example, a Timex watch sells for $85, while gemstone recycled earrings carry a price tag of $29,000.








PRICED TO SELL: Can you believe it?  Even Neiman Marcus has caught the economic flu this year, with a catalog featuring 40 percent of over 400 items priced at less than $250.  Even the firm’s annual fantasy special (this year it is a two-seater plane) goes for a mere $250,000, considerably below the fantasy gift price tags of yesterday. 

   –Also in the famous Christmas book: an electric motorcycle, a fabulous dinner for two at Manhattan’s famed Algonquin Hotel, and a Cupcake Car, a 4-foot wide electric automobile that looks like a cupcake with thick frosting and sells for just $25,000.

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